Social Sciences

Society and Humanity

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Social Sciences focuses on the study of moral issues in history and human behavior, human rights and cultural issues and the power, change and decision-making within a culture. Students examine connections between humans and their environment. Prepare for a career in social science.

In difficult economic times, the social sciences are often more relevant and useful by providing tools and insights for a greater understanding of society’s major problems. From a Christian viewpoint, consider such social issues as the stigma of living with HIV, political institutions, effects of social networking, or the ethical issues of abortion.

Students are challenged to research, rethink and understand the effects of life’s circumstances and issues on individuals, families and societies. As part of research projects, students get practical experience in data collection and sampling, statistical analysis and methods, direct observation and archival research.

Social Sciences is Ideal for those Who Have:

  • Likes to analyze and organize facts
  • Has strong skills in reading and writing
  • Excels at critical thinking
  • Is sensitive to human and world problems