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A Program Designed for Homeschool Students to Continue to the College Environment

Olivet Nazarene University proudly counts many homeschool students among its robust student body and alumni.

Homeschool students often demonstrate the initiative and time management skills that are vital to maximizing the college experience. With small class sizes, accessible professors, and institutional drive to see students succeed, Olivet is an excellent place for homeschool students to flourish.

Going to Olivet was a smooth transition thanks to the amazing staff. I have grown so much thanks to my professors and friends.

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Education with a Christian purpose

This is more than a tagline at Olivet.

Our faculty and staff strive to instruct students at the highest academic levels and guide them as they apply this learning to how they live their lives. Classroom environments are considerate, meaningful, and respectful. Professors challenge students to expand their worldviews through rigorous academics. Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge to honor God and serve others. Prayer and devotions are often integrated inside the classroom, along with campus activities.

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Healthy campus life

Olivet values the importance of cultivating a strong, family-like community.

Campus housing is organized by gender to maintain safe and healthy residential experiences. Knowledgeable resident directors oversee each residential building and student resident assistants build relationships through consistent interactions with students in their dorm or apartment unit. Over 90 campus clubs and organizations give students opportunities to use their talents on campus and in the community through volunteer service. With Olivet’s 21 intercollegiate athletic teams, 20 intramural sports, and the Perry Student Recreation Center, over 90 percent of students find some way to get active and create healthy habits.

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Tailored admissions process

Olivet’s dedicated homeschool liaison will work with you to create and finalize your high school transcript and give you guidance on financial aid.

We accept most college credits from CLEP tests, AP courses, and dual credit from a number of community colleges. Many ambitious students with qualifying incoming credits are able to customize their time at Olivet to graduate within 2-3 years. Your admissions counselor will guide you through the application process and connect you with professors in your indicated are of study.

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FAQ on Transitioning From Homeschool to College

How do colleges feel about homeschooling?

Homeschoolers most often possess the following characteristics that make them appealing to colleges
and universities:
Independence and Self-Motivation: Being homeschooled fosters self-directed learning, time management and taking ownership for your education independently.

Unique Perspective:
As a homeschooler you bring a diverse perspective due to your exposure to a variety of learning experiences and resources outside of a traditional classroom setting.

Pursuits: Being homeschooled allows for the flexibility to purse individual interests and take part in specialized projects that allow you to stand out from other students.

Adaptability: Homeschooled students tend to be more adaptable and resilient. Colleges and universities value students who can navigate change effectively.

Work Ethic: The discipline that is required for homeschooling directly translates over to the strong work ethic needed to succeed in college.

Does Homeschooling look bad on college applications?
No, it does not. Colleges and universities look for students that have a diverse educational background and as homeschooler you can highlight those qualities. Be sure to emphasize your achievements, unique experiences, and skills that you have developed through homeschooling to highlight your readiness for

Can homeschool teens take college classes?
Absolutely! This is the perfect opportunity for high school homeschooled students to enroll in programs
such as our Early Scholars Dual Enrollment program here at Olivet Nazarene University. Specifically designed for students to gain valuable college credit while still in high school. Our team works with homeschool students to choose those courses most valuable to each student’s experience.

How do homeschoolers do in college?
Homeschoolers excel in college because of their self-motivation which is a trait that is learned early on in a child of a homeschool family. A homeschooled student possesses traits that help them manage various aspects of college such as independence. A homeschooler understands that there are many ways to
approach a problem and therefore they think freely and have a broader mindset.

How does homeschooling affect college?
Homeschooling can benefit you when going on to college because of the distinctive skills and diverse ways of looking at topics and situations because of the non-traditional learning style that you have experienced. These skills carry-over to your college years in the diverse populations that you encounter
on the college campus.

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