Employment & Careers at Olivet

Olivet Nazarene University provides employees a faith-based, supportive community where they can find purpose in their work, as well as life balance.

At Olivet Nazarene University, we seek individuals whose personal and professional lives reflect the following qualities:

  • A belief in and a commitment to Jesus Christ and to the Christian faith
  • A sensitivity to and support for the ethics and traditions of the campus community
  • A commitment to liberal arts education and to support our students as they confront the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of their lives
  • An evident commitment to the development of one’s abilities

As a Christian university, Olivet Nazarene University exists to provide an “Education With a Christian Purpose.” We value diversity as a means to enrich and deepen the educational experience, both inside and outside the classroom and online. We are committed to recruit and retain mission-aligned faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. We strive to be a more inclusive community as we seek to understand and celebrate our unique experiences and perspectives.

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