Financial Aid & Affordability

We are dedicated to assisting you as you explore the possibility of attending Olivet.

Olivet Nazarene University, a US NEWS “Best Value School” is committed to making higher education affordable for every student. Each year, we disperse more than $112 million dollars in financial assistance.

Mission-Driven Initiatives

Our committed team of Financial Aid professionals works to create custom packages for each student.

Middle Class Advantage

We recognize paying for a university education and finding financial pathways for students and parents is often challenging. One of our key priorities is to offer an exceptional university education to as many students as possible which is why we are offering additional financial aid to middle income families.

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Zero Tuition for Qualified Illinois Residents

Illinois families who meet household income requirements may now be eligible for the ONU Zero Tuition option, granting resident undergraduate students an affordable path to an “Education With a Christian Purpose.” More

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The Nazarene Guarantee

In recognition of our unique association with the International Church of the Nazarene, members of the Church of the Nazarene receive a minimum 50% Tuition Discount. Connect with the financial aid team for more information.

Friends and Family Pricing

Each student’s path to Olivet is unique. We recognize alumni, family and friends in their quest of higher education, and provide grant and aid whenever possible.

Debt Free in Five

This program exists to encourage students to pay off their student loans within five years of graduation, or if they don’t have student loans, to begin saving for a healthy financial future. This program is available to all students to ensure a pathway to financial freedom. More

Preferred Partner Pricing

Through cultivated corporate and organizational partnering, Olivet offers a variety of Partner Pricing discounts for graduate degrees, continuing education and certificates.
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ONU Next

Emphasizing the high value on our own graduates, Olivet offers the McGraw School of Business MBA or MOL as a one year ‘add-on’ to any Business Bachelor’s degree at a highly discounted rate.

Veteran Assistance

Olivet is proud to offer additional assistance to veterans and active duty service members through multiple GI Enhancement Programs, (including the GI Bill®). More

Advanced Degrees

With initiatives such as the $12k Online McGraw School of Business MBA, as well as other creative marketplace initiatives, Olivet stands committed to affordability beyond the bachelor’s degree. See All Advanced Degrees

ONU Plus

Through ONU PLUS, Olivet partners with churches and similar organizations around the country to allow students to receive a fully-accredited bachelor’s degree in their own community. With more than 9 unique degrees offered, ONU PLUS is an affordable way to get an Olivet education. More

Our goal is to make the Olivet experience attainable to students of all financial circumstances and from all walks of life.

The True Cost of Olivet

The 2024-2025 undergraduate Olivet full price is $49,990. Here’s the breakdown: $37,910 tuition, $11,090 for room & meals and $990 for the general fee. However, that’s not a price any student pays. All students receive aid from Olivet and other sources. Here are three common examples.

Connect with the financial aid team today to find out more about your true cost.

2024-25 True Cost Explained

2024-25 Tuition & Fee Card

Student A 2024-25 Financial Aid example
Student B 2024-25 Financial Aid example
Student C 2024-25 Financial Aid example
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Affordable Excellence.

Olivet seeks to provide a quality academic experience for our students with a commitment to excellence. We are passionate about making Christian education attainable for students from all walks of life and economic backgrounds.

Our financial advisors are here to guide and serve you through the necessary steps in completing your financial aid process. We will work with you to find a financial solution that meets your individual needs.

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The ONU Net Price Calculator

Our goal is to make the Olivet experience attainable to students of all financial circumstances and from all walks of life.

Learn how you can afford an Olivet Nazarene University degree. Get Started!

Traditional, On Ground Undergraduate Students

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