School of Theology & Christian Ministry

Grounded in Faith

Preparing students to serve God and people in the setting of today’s Church is foundational. Students enter with a desire to serve, and graduate prepared to serve. A degree from Olivet’s School of Theology and Christian Ministry is a comprehensive one, providing entry-level knowledge and skills in the areas of biblical studies, theology, philosophy, and the history of Christianity, as well as practices such as Christian education and spiritual formation.

The diversity of experience and preparation of our faculty makes for a rich and challenging learning environment, while our varied courses of study offer a stimulating range of options from which to choose.

different religious denominations represented on campus
areas of study focused on preparing students for ministry
ministry-related advanced degrees, on-ground and online
full-time faculty, all with practical ministry experience

Areas of Study

Varied courses of study evolve in response to the Church’s ministry needs. Students have a stimulating range of options from which to choose. The diversity of experience and preparation of faculty members makes for a rich and challenging learning environment.

Serving the Church

Students are encouraged to choose a local church in which to serve, while pursuing their degree.

Christ Centered

Twice weekly, the entire community gathers for Chapel services.

Meet the Chaplain

Community Life

The Olivet community is a place to grow and thrive. A place of learning and faith.

Our Faculty

Mark Quanstrom, Dean, School of Theology and Christian Ministry

Dr. Mark Quanstrom is a leader, professor, pastor and author who understands well the variety of needs students have as they prepare for ministry. His books, “A Century of Holiness Theology” and “From Grace to Grace,” are staples of the active minister’s library. He also serves on campus as senior pastor of College Church of the Nazarene.

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Find Your Career

We believe God has a special, one-of-a-kind plan and design for your life. Whether you are preparing for a ministry assignment or graduate school, you will gain the knowledge and skills you need at Olivet. We Believe. You Belong Here.

Opportunities to Serve

There’s more to education than books and lectures. That’s especially true for ministry students. Olivet offers many opportunities for students to put their faith to work. Mission trips. Volunteering. Local churches. In the process, students grow into the leaders the world needs.

Clubs and Organizations

Graduate Studies at Olivet

Education is important for ministry professionals. Olivet’s bachelor’s degree graduates are well-prepared to successfully pursue advanced degrees. Olivet offers master’s degree programs in pastoral leadership, religion, biblical studies, Christian ministry, family ministry, pastoral ministry, urban ministry and practical ministry.

Ministerial Leadership Award Scholarship

The Ministerial Leadership Award has been created by Olivet Nazarene University to recognize a select group of students whose call of God on their lives to vocational ministry within the Church of Jesus Christ has been affirmed by the Church.

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School of Theology and Christian Ministry Alumni have been seen at:
Endowed Chair

The Reverand Dr. Fay Quanstrom Chair for Pastoral Leadership

The purpose of this particular gift is to provide support to a person who is engaged in preparing both women and men to follow God’s call into ministry with special emphasis on the training and encouraging of women in ministry.

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