Franco Lanzino

Favorite class at Olivet: My favorite class at Olivet was Leadership and Ethics. First of all, it was with one of my favorite professors on campus. Second, it also set me up super well for my senior year and life after college. We had a great discussion identifying our strengths and we got to hear from ONU alumni who could give us advice as we went into finishing college. 

Best Olivet memory: I loved Ollies Follies, especially the variety show my sophomore year. It was my first year doing it and I loved all of the people who I met and had a ton of fun! I also went on a summer mission trip through Olivet to Honduras and it was absolutely incredible. 

Hobbies: I love thrifting. I go to Goodwill way too much. I also love playing disc golf and having game night with my friends in the area.

Favorite campus tradition: I love the different events that we have at Olivet. My favorites are the Christmas party and the Homecoming pancake dinner. Those events were always fun to attend. My friends and I would go together and just spend time with one another which was great!

Favorite thing to do in Bourbonnais: Like I said before, I love disc golf, but I also really love bowling at Brookmont Bowling. They have great deals on Wednesdays.

Favorite restaurant in town:  I love Yolks and Berries. I am a breakfast guy through and through so any breakfast place has my heart.

Advice for new students: Be willing to say YES. The second you step foot on campus you will be introduced to hundreds if not thousands of new opportunities. So, be willing to say, "yes" to those things as you never know how God will use those different opportunities throughout college and beyond. 

Favorite Bible verse: James 1:2-4

Call: 815-928-5558
Text: 815-573-9288

Major: Business Administration
Minor: Spanish
Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota