Student Success Services

Student Success Services exists to assist students as they transition to and navigate their college experience. The Student Success Services team comes alongside students by providing opportunities for them to increase their sense of belonging, engage in academic and social communities, and access resources to assist in graduation and career plans.

Contact Information:

Phone: (815) 939-5243

Additional Services & Information

To see the several other resources available for students, including  job postings and career tips, visit the link below.

Olivet Portal

First Year Experience

The first year is a vital time in the undergraduate experience, and it takes campus-wide coordination and collaboration to help students transition to college life and find a sense of belonging in the Olivet campus community. Over the course of the first year, topics being addressed include, but are not limited to: time and stress management, study skills, academic planning, diversity, goal setting, proper use of technology, Olivet's resources, interpersonal skills, career exploration and spiritual growth opportunities. These themes are addressed at different points throughout their first year including activities like, Summer Orientation, Jumpstart new student conference, First Year Seminar, OAR peer mentoring groups, Upper Room worship nights, dorm and class events, academic department workshops, multi-ethnic events, and weekly chapel. 


Retention is a campus-wide initiative and is a priority for faculty and staff as we support students in the academic and social evolution throughout their entire Olivet experience. We work together to anticipate potential issues that might cause a student to get off track. Students have access to numerous resources that assist them at any point in their college journey, whether it is tutoring for a specific course, access to career or life-coaching staff or peer coaching opportunities. Accountability is built into our program in hopes to help students maximize their full potential.

Career Services

Our staff is available to assist students in career development among the many services we provide:

  • managing off-campus job postings
  • helping students build résumés and cover letters
  • assisting with the job search process
  • coaching on interview preparation and etiquette
  • hosting multiple job fairs each year, including the ONU Internship and Job Fair