RISE Program

The Reinforced Interdisciplinary Student Experience (RISE) is a 2-year program for qualified incoming Olivet freshmen designed to support students’ successful transition from high school to college.

RISE students will have access to the same experiences as other freshmen students, including access to courses, dorm placement, social events, sports teams and academic opportunities.

However, RISE students will have additional opportunities that include:

  • RISE courses – classes designed to help meet the increased demands of university life.
  • General education courses held within RISE learning community – classes required for graduation will be taken with other RISE students to improve social support and study skills.
  • RISE retreat – a group getaway with other RISE students and faculty prior to fall orientation. This is a chance to meet friends and connect before classes start.
  • RISE events – social and academic events hosted throughout the year to foster social connections with other RISE students.
  • Direct access to support – RISE team members will be ready to offer quick access to necessary support, such as peer coaching, tutoring for classes, counseling services and/or Accessibility & Disability Resources.  Contact between RISE instructors and support team members will facilitate an early intervention if students begin to struggle during the adjustment to college expectations.
  • Ongoing advising – in addition to advising from their academic program, RISE students will have opportunities to meet with RISE instructors regularly to discuss challenges and resources needed for academic success.
students in autumn on campus

RISE Classes

RISE students will participate in 2 types of classes throughout their Freshman and Sophomore years:

  • RISE-specific classes – RISE students will take 5 additional courses (9 credit hours) designed to equip them to handle issues such as advanced study skills, time management, expectations for research and developing professional communication.  These courses will be attended only by those in the RISE community and are designed to help students apply the skills they are learning to the classes they are currently taking.
  • RISE general education courses – RISE students will take 6 general education courses.  These courses will include students from across campus, but will be taught by faculty specially selected to address the needs of students transitioning to college.

Sample Schedule for a rise student


First Year Seminar I First Year Seminar II
Academic Strategies I – Study Skills Academic Strategies II – Research
General Education – College Writing I General Education – Intro to Chemistry
General Education – Intro to Sociology General Education – Fundamentals of Communication
3-6 credits of other general education or major courses 3-6 credits of other general education or major courses

*12-18 credit hours needed to be considered a full-time student


Academic Strategies III – Professionalism Academic Strategies IV – Career Planning
General Education – General Biology General Education – Stewardship Course
7-13 credits of other general education or major courses 7-13 credits of other general education or major courses

*General education courses may be changed based on college graduation requirements & scheduling

RISE Together

Watch this video to hear current student testimonials.

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Yes!  RISE students will have room in their schedules to take courses from their major from the moment they step foot on campus.  This will allow them to make friends with other students in their programs and connect with faculty advisors in their area of study.  RISE classes will help students complete their General Education requirements and contribute to the overall 120 credits needed for graduation.

Yes!  In addition to attending classes with friends within the RISE program, additional opportunities to socialize will be available.  The RISE Retreat will create space for students to connect prior to their first classes.  Events throughout the year will also give students a chance to connect with their professors and each other.

After you have successfully applied to Olivet and submitted your deposit, use the link in the Apply Now box above to complete the RISE application. The application includes questions about why you would like to be part of the RISE program, what your high school learning experience was like, and then some information we need to help us plan the RISE retreat that starts off the year. Questions about the RISE application process can be asked of your Admissions counselor or sent to RISE@olivet.edu.