Olivet Investment Club goes public

Profits from club investments fund a scholarship for Olivet students.

November 27, 2018 Uncategorized

Olivet Nazarene University’s Investment Club in the McGraw School of Business has made some monumental steps that have many faculty, staff and students excited for the future. 

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With the help of some generous alumni investors, the ONU Investment Club has begun trading actual stock on the stock market. This development is definitely a learning activity for the students involved. The trading of actual stock is crucial to the full understanding of public trading. 

Profits from club investments fund a scholarship for Olivet students. Students can apply for this scholarship at the financial aid office and talk to their financial aid counselor for details. The Investment Club is one of several campus organizations offering an opportunity like this to students. The club makes sure to invest only in companies that follow the doctrines upheld by Olivet.

Club members are learning from actual experience. Student members continue their education about the importance of investing in order to have financial stability, no matter what stage of life they may be in. 

Led by their faculty advisor, Professor Doug Nielsen, club members take every aspect of this experience seriously. To be a member of the club, each student completes a required eight-week course with class meetings every Wednesday night and an exam at the end of the course with a required average score. 

Nick Rumke, a senior majoring in economics and finance and president of the Investment Club, has enjoyed being a part of this club for the entirety of his Olivet career. “The Investment Club is a big reason I have a job waiting for me when I graduate in December 2018,” Nick says. “I took the investing skills and other knowledge I learned here at Olivet and put them to practice at my internship this past summer. I impressed my employer so much that my supervisor told me a job is waiting for me when I graduate.”

Nick is part of the first generation of Olivet students influenced by learning as an Investment Club member. There are sure to be more stories like his as this club continues to grow.

To learn more about areas of study in the McGraw School of Business at Olivet, contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@olivet.edu or 800-648-1463.

Published: 11/27/2018

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