Economics and Finance

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The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Economics/Finance is a program designed for the student interested in a variety of financial careers including: analyst, economist, consultant, sales manager, market researcher and more.

Students in Olivet’s Economics and Finance program will study supply and demand, apply mathematical techniques to research, explain economic relationships, and develop forecasts about business cycles, effects of inflations rates, and future trends.

McGraw School of Business Faculty

By the Numbers
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Economics and Finance is Ideal for Those Who Are:

  • interested in analyzing data
  • strong in math and computer skills
  • a team player
  • good at applying theories to actual situations
  • confident in making informed predictions
  • a student of U.S. and world history, as well as current events
  • a follower of the stock market
  • a good communicator
  • a creative problem solver
  • fascinated with research
Areas of Focus

Corporate Finance (Chartered Financial Analyst, C.F.A.)
Personal Finance (Certified Financial Planner, C.F.P.)
Applied Economics (Bloomberg Analytics)

Economics and Finance Careers
  • Economic analyst
  • Certified financial planner
  • Investment analyst
  • Professor
  • Purchasing manager
  • Salesperson
  • Economist
  • Financial analyst
  • Market analyst
  • Public policy consultant
  • Researcher
  • Sales manager
Economics/Finance Program Overview

Professional Certifications

Students have many opportunities to earn the certifications that set them apart from other college graduates. With these certifications, they will find many career doors open to them. Olivet sets the pace among Christian Business schools by offering programs approved by National Certification Boards such as:

  • Certified Financial Planning Board
  • Charter Financial Analyst Board
  • Student Managed Investment Funds Association
  • Bloomberg Analytics 

Professional Certifications

Degree Requirements

Learn from expert faculty who are both academic and leading professionals in the field of finance and learn from courses designed to tie into the real-world experience of managing actual funds in the actual stock and bond markets.

Built with the Economics/Finance courses are the opportunities to earn professional certifications. This is the "value-added" reason to attend Olivet's McGraw School of Business. 

Course Requirements

Making Economic/Financial Connections

Professional Competitions & Activities

The Economics/Finance degree allows students to compete in:

  • CFP Intercollegiate Competition through the SMIF Consortium Competition held every October,
  • CFA Research Challenge, submitting a corporate analysis of select companies, and
  • College Fed Challenge a competition designed to bring real-world economics of monetary policy makers by analyzing the economy

The Investment Club also meets weekly to pick stocks to sell or purchase for its portfolio of over $400,000 actual funds.

Professional Competitions & Activities

Career Management to Internships

At Olivet's McGraw School of Business, freshman and sophomore students attend specially designed seminars to advance their careers through resume writing, developing interviewing skills, networking, and managing their online presence.

All the Career Management activities are designed for students to discover their strengths to help them attain an internship their junior and senior year. A full-time Internship Coordinator works with each student to help obtain an internship in their specific field to help in building their resume for future careers.

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Faith At Work

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The motto for the Olivet McGraw School of Business is more than a byline for faculty and students. The culture and atmosphere are alive and excited with learning cutting edge knowledge, with a perspective of God's grace, and presence as we seek to help individuals and business organizations to prosper and bring glory to the name of Christ.

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