Economics and Finance

The Business of Monies

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Economics/Finance is a program designed for the student interested in a variety of financial careers including: analyst, economist, consultant, sales manager, market researcher and more.

Students in Olivet’s Economics and Finance program will study supply and demand, apply mathematical techniques to research, explain economic relationships, and develop forecasts about business cycles, effects of inflations rates, and future trends.

Students Focus in one or more of these areas:

Corporate Finance (Chartered Financial Analyst, C.F.A.); Personal Finance (Certified Financial Planner, C.F.P., Life Insurance Exam, Health Insurance Exam); Applied Economics

About CFP

Certified Financial Planning is a concentration of the Economics/Finance degree. A CFP® certification helps to set apart those serious about a career in financial planning.

A financial planner takes a “big picture” view of a client’s financial situation and provides recommendations based on the client’s needs in areas such as budgeting and saving, taxes, investments, insurance and retirement planning.

Economics and Finance Careers

Professor, economist, financial analyst, market analyst, public policy consultant, researcher, purchasing manager, certified financial planner, salesperson, sales manager, economic analyst, investment analyst

Economics and Finance is Ideal for Those Who Are:

  • interested in analyzing data
  • strong in math and computer skills
  • a team player
  • good at applying theories to actual situations
  • confident in making informed predictions
  • a student of U.S. and world history, as well as current events
  • a follower of the stock market
  • a good communicator
  • a creative problem solver
  • fascinated with research
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Certified Financial Planner

Find out more about how a career as a Certified Financial Planner may be right for you.


Students have many opportunities to earn the certifications that set them apart from other college graduates. With these certifications, they will find many career doors open to them. Olivet is one of only 10 Illinois schools offering SAP certifications. SAP is the worldwide market leader in enterprise applications software.

Professional Certifications


Teach the business skills you learn in the classroom to those in the communities around you. Take the lead in developing and implementing projects focusing on market economics, financial literacy, success skills, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability and ethics.


Make Connections

Olivet Business Students make important connections with trusted companies resulting in internships and career first-steps, all while working to develop portfolios to present to future employers.

Hands On

Successful businesses and their leaders open their doors to Olivet students, allowing them to learn firsthand why and how they succeed, examining case studies of real companies facing real challenges.

Faith at Work

Christian formation and faith, principles of finance, human resource management, industrial/organizational psychology are all part of the complete business experience at Olivet.

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