Engineering Co-ops

The Martin D. Walker School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics now offers a Co-Op track, which includes a three-session sequence during completion of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) degree. A Co-Op program is an extended, paid internship where students work for three non-consecutive semesters: one fall semester, one spring semester, and one summer term. The Co-op provides full-time work during the three Co-op terms, in addition to eight semesters of classes at the University. Olivet offers the Co-Op track to combine practical on-the-job experiences with the classroom training of a four-year college curriculum.

Co-op Benefits

  • Reach graduation with over a year of industry experience.
  • Earn $22-35K during college from your co-op salary. (salaries vary based on employer)
  • Zero tuition bills during the semesters of your co-op segment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Olivet co-op students maintain full-time registration as an Olivet student during their co-op. No tuition dollars are charged to the student during their full-time co-op semester. Because of this, any federal or state grants, ONU scholarships/aid, or student loans, are held in waiting for their return to campus after the semester away.

Note: regular student fees apply

Housing situations vary depending on the policy of the company you are working for at the time. Often, companies will provide a co-op student with a housing stipend. Some larger companies will sublease apartments or college dorm rooms near their facility and make those available for co-op students. If neither options are provided by the host company, the co-op student is responsible for their own housing situation. Students who secure a co-op near Olivet, have the option to continue on a room and board plan.

Note: regular fees apply reports that nationally, a Mechanical Engineering Intern averages $16.86 an hour, which would equate an annual salary of $46,350. reports Engineering Co-Ops in the Chicago region, earning an annual average of $58,279. In the Indianapolis, IN area co-ops average $54,590 per year. Louisville, KY area co-ops average $52,208.