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10 Questions With Luke Franklin ’11/’23 MBA, Executive Director of Traditional Enrollment
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February 2, 2024 Admissions, Olivet The Magazine

Luke Franklin in Admissions

What are your family connections with ONU?
My mother attended Olivet, and I was blessed to be a student with my older brother, Josh ’10. I also met my wonderful wife, Andi (McCann) ’10, here. We have four children, ages 4 to 8. Andi homeschools them and is also an adjunct professor for the Department of Communication.

What is one of your favorite ONU student memories?Franklin Family
Interning for the Chicago Bears and WBBM Radio on Olivet’s campus during Bears training camp. For five weeks, I was on the practice field every day with Chicago’s top media outlets, interviewing players, collecting and editing audio, and reporting. After those five weeks, I knew that my calling was not sports media. I had no idea God would call me to work at Olivet.

What jobs have you held at ONU since you graduated with your bachelor’s degree in 2011?
My first full-time job was as the business development manager for the Shine.FM media network in 2013. Then I transitioned to the Office of Admissions, where I served as director of strategic partnerships, director of new student financial aid and associate executive director before becoming executive director of traditional enrollment in 2022.

What is one of your favorite ONU professional memories?
Every summer hundreds of future Olivet students and their parents gather on campus for Orientation as they prepare to start college in a few months. Every Orientation starts with a worship service and a message from alumnus LaMorris Crawford ’06/’11 M.O.L. It’s the culmination of developing relationships with these families and helping them get ready to start that Olivet student journey.

Why have you chosen to work in a Christian nonprofit environment rather than a secular business environment?
I have incredible respect for those who are advocates for Christ in a secular environment, including most of my friends and family. It can’t be easy for them to live out their faith at work. What a privilege to work at Olivet, a place where faith and work are intertwined, and incorporating prayer into our workday is the norm.

How does your team approach and relate with prospective students?

Attending Olivet changed my life! I know it has the potential to change the lives of incoming students. Engaging with students always starts with listening. Every call, email and campus visit with a prospective student has one focus: the student!

How does your team approach and relate with parents of prospective students?
One of my first jobs in Admissions was in financial aid. I had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of parents and their students. I learned what an honor it is to do the work we do! Parents, and those filling that role, trust Olivet with the most important person in their entire life: their student. And we don’t take that lightly!

What does the phrase “We Believe. You Belong Here.” mean to you?

We often ask parents to share their desires for their children, which is incredibly rewarding to hear. We know that applying for college comes with hopes and dreams but also pressures and challenges. We seek to understand each student’s unique situation and create an attainable pathway to Olivet for anyone who believes they belong here.

How are you helping the next generation make the transition from childhood to adulthood?
We’re working hard to cultivate a campus environment where students can grow into who God created them to be — academically, professionally and personally. What an honor to speak into their lives and help them navigate the many decisions that come with young adulthood! The beauty and responsibility of this keeps me coming back to work out this mission every day.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I’m proud of our truly exceptional admissions team. Nearly everyone on the team has experience as an Olivet student or parent. Sharing about Olivet includes sharing about ourselves and our own journeys. I’ve never been around a more committed and energized team.

From Olivet The Magazine, On Purpose – Winter 2024. Read the full issue HERE.

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LW Warfel

Laura Wasson Warfel is a story gatherer, writer, editor, and follower of Jesus Christ. A good listener, she distills details into meaningful communications. Her greatest joy is to bring others along with her on her faith journey. In 2015, she launched More Than A Widow, a ministry to help widows live beyond the label and find their more.

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