How do I get the most information about transferring to Olivet Nazarene University?

The best way for you to get the most information about transferring to Olivet is by applying and setting up a campus visit. You can schedule a visit in many ways: reserve online, contact the admissions office via email, or call Nancy Benoit, our campus visit coordinator at 800-648-1463.

Does it cost anything to apply?

No, if you apply online, it’s free!

Do you need my high school transcript and test scores or just my college transcript(s)?

If you have taken 15 credit hours or less from a 2-year or 4-year institution then we will admit you off your high school transcript and test scores. If you have 16 credit hours or more then we will admit you off your college transcripts. Either way, the courses you have taken at 2-year and 4-year institutions will transfer as long as they are college level courses with passing grades that the Registrar has approved with a C or better. Most courses from these institutions transfer.

Do you offer academic grants or scholarships for transfer students?

Yes, we offer generous academic grants and scholarships for transfer students. If your GPA is 2.0-2.99, you are eligible for an academic grant. If your GPA is 3.0 or higher, you are eligible for an academic scholarship. These grants and scholarships are renewable for up to four years of your education at Olivet as long as you maintain the minimum GPA.

Do my transcripts have to be an official copy to be admitted?

No, we can admit you off an unofficial copy of your transcript, but we will need an official copy prior to you starting classes.

Do you offer scholarships for honors students?

Members of the national Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society receive higher academic awards. Check with the Registrar’s office at your current school to see if you qualify to be a member of Phi Theta Kappa!

Do you offer any other scholarships or grants?

We have numerous scholarships and grants awarded for athletics, music performance, art, marching band, orchestra, leadership and need. You can get multiple scholarships and grants, and they will be combined with your academic grant or scholarship.

Why do you require an enrollment deposit before Pre-registration?

Your enrollment deposit lets us know you’re serious about attending Olivet. It allows you to reserve your seat in the classroom and your bed in the dorm (if needed). It is refundable up to a certain date. Get this in as soon as possible so when Pre-Registration begins, you can get into the classes you need to graduate on time.

Can I transfer with an undecided major?

Yes, you can! We will enroll you in general education courses for the first term that you are here and connect you with the Center for Academic Excellence to help you choose a major that fits you.

Do I have to live on campus or can I commute?

If you're 22 years old or younger, you have the opportunity to live on-campus. If you live locally with your family, or are 23 years of age or older, you can commute to and from campus. All on-campus and commuter students are allowed to have cars, as long as it is registered with the Office of Public Safety.

Will my nursing courses transfer to Olivet?

As with most other nursing schools across the country, Olivet does not accept transfer credit for nursing courses from other nursing programs. We will gladly accept qualifying credit done in areas like biology, chemistry, sociology, math, etc., but all nursing courses (including NURS 202) must be taken at Olivet.

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