Studio Art

Skill Meets Creativity

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Art with a concentration in Studio Art is designed for the student who desires to find the freedom to work in a variety of media – pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, pastels, or even computer software. Discovering the nuances of shape, perspective and color theory, students develop skills with figures, still life and gesture drawing. Focused on skills, drawing and illustration students create projects and respond to the thoughts and ideas of others.

Studio Art Students:

  • Study advanced figure studies, printmaking, advanced drawing
  • Review portfolios with art professors
  • Minor in marketing, or another complimentary area
  • Create and showcase an exhibit of artwork
  • Work in the studio classes and individually
  • Learn from professors who are also working artists
  • Learn about budgeting and adjusting for reality
  • Collaborate with other departments on design projects

Most students complete internships and/or externships. During the academic year, many find work on campus and discover off-campus opportunities to pursue over the summer. Get credit, get paid and get job experience.

Study Abroad

Expand your knowledge and deepen your understand of other countries and cultures.

Best Semester

Art Scholarship

We encourage every student to apply for a Freshman Art Scholarship. Get rewarded for your talent!

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Chicago's Arts Community Next Door

Gallery Row, Art Institute of Chicago, and the many other galleries and venues of our country’s third largest city are just an hour away.

Technology Toolbox

Apple MacBook Pro computers and iPad technology bring students into the world of professional art and graphic design. Production computers turn digital imaging into television. The on-site digital photography studio and dark room for traditional film development and modern techniques for manipulating images are for students’ creative pursuits.

Gallery Space on Campus

Students design and deliver their own art shows, professionally lighted and displayed, in the lobby of Strickler Planetarium and the Brandenburg Art Gallery. The Victorian House Art Gallery regularly features exhibits from visiting artists and is open to Olivet students and the community.

Meet the Faculty

An internationally acclaimed watercolorist, Bill Greiner has displayed his work at the Agora Gallery in New York City’s Chelsea art district and at Yale Divinity School, among many other exhibitions. You can see his work at @b.greiner on Instagram. In his art framing business, he framed for Christian singer Amy Grant, artist Peter Max and the James Bond collections. He has personally framed for five of the seven Bonds. He also enjoys doing art consulting work and art appraisals for estates, collections and businesses.

Art and Digital Media Faculty

Careers in Art and Digital Media:

Animator, Graphic artist, Photographer, International photojournalist, Graphic designer, Printing executive, Art teacher or professor, Illustrator, Freelance graphic artist, Art therapist

Art with a Christian Purpose

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