Media Arts Minor/Concentration

From the moment you put on a virtual reality headset and draw your first stroke with a digital paintbrush, you’ve taken the first step into experiencing new fields of emerging arts technology. Our bachelors degree program with a Media Arts concentration is built to give students the tools and skills needed to develop their proficiency and understanding of how art is used in innovative careers and industries.



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Whether it’s creating digital art assets used in special effects for movies, character models for video games blending traditional and non-traditional art with animation or creating art on the go with an iPad and Apple Pencil, the opportunities you experience at Olivet Nazarene University equips you to not only qualify for a job opening, but to create a career of your own design.

hands working with clay


Unleash your creative potential and master the art of ceramics through three comprehensive courses designed to refine your skills and ignite your artistic expression.

Enroll in our Ceramic courses and master wheel and hand construction techniques. Immerse yourself in history, elevate your skills, and develop a distinct artistic voice as you progress from foundational techniques to advanced expressions in ceramic artistry.

Image of art in the Victorian House Gallery

Gallery Space on Campus

The Victorian House Art Gallery regularly features exhibits from visiting artists and is open to Olivet students and the community.

Additionally, students’ work is professionally lighted and displayed, in the Weber Center Gallery, Sims Main Gallery, Sims Entrance Gallery and the lobby of Strickler Planetarium.

Exhibition Schedule