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Our participation together is the lifeblood of the University — all for the sake of current and future students. Thank you for your meaningful role that ensures their place in Olivet’s mission.

The excellence of the Olivet experience requires many people to support it together. Your faithful gifts supplement other income to make “Education with a Christian Purpose” attainable for more students. 

Your gifts through The Olivet Fund, for example, are a critical means to provide scholarships and to fund special programs. 

An endowed scholarship can be established through The ONU Foundation — either in your name or in memory or honor of a loved one.

Your Impact

“The people at Olivet make this a wonderful place. It is a very understanding community of people who are here to pray with you and help you succeed. I’ve grown spiritually, socially and academically. This is an amazing experience.”

Parker-Shelton-testimonial.png  Parker Shelton ’16

Experience the fulfillment of answering someone’s prayers!

Because you know all that Olivet has to offer, you can help provide the means for more students to attend the University and graduate to make a worldwide impact. Explore the difference that your scholarship support will make.

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