Political Science

Legislation and Character

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or minor in Political Science is for those who wish to be part of the ongoing discussion of political theory and philosophy from a Christian perspective—discussing our government above the partisan level, with faith in mind. Students learn about the politics and governments of other countries, as well. 

By examining the structure and workings of our U.S. government, students analyze U.S. politics and policies from both national and global perspectives, while considering the impact of the philosophies and wisdom of past U.S. presidents. 

Social justice issues, such as human trafficking and world hunger, and God’s direction and motivated for justice and fairness in His world are both front and center.

Students will find discussion and debate almost any time of the day in the offices and hallways of Weber Center’s second floor and experience information coming alive through professors’ lectures as they illustrate from history and current events.

Political Science is Ideal for those Who Have:

  • A plan to enter law school
  • Strong communication, verbal, and writing skills
  • An analytical mind.