Olivet Brand Style Guide

Logos, Colors, and Fonts

University Logo

The University logo must be reproduced from the authorized design and must not be scanned, recreated or re-proportioned in any way. Also, it may not be reduced so small that the cross within the flame is not visible.

Use of the purple and gold version of the logo is preferred. Here is a link to the RGB Purple and Gold Olivet logo. (For access to email signature and school/department/office specific logo files, please visit My.Olivet.edu).



If the logo is used on a dark background, it may be necessary to use the yellow and white version or the all-white logo for maximum readability. 

olivet-logo-on-gray-white-gold.png                olivet-logo-on-gray-white.png


Here is a link to the RGB White and Gold Olivet logo and the RGB White Olivet logo.The minimum amount of white space around the logo should be equal to the size of the "O" in the logo at any given size.



Logo Colors

Pantone and CMYK values should be used for print. RGB and Hex values should be used for screen applications.


Pantone 269C
CMYK 80,98,5,27
RGB 72,32,110
HEX #48206E



Pantone 124C
CMYK 0,30,100,0
RGB 253,185,19


SECONDARY Color for text and graphics

Red may used as a secondary color in limited ways for text and graphics.


Pantone 485C
CMYK 0,95,100,0
RGB 221,60,39



Unacceptable Variations of the Logo


Do NOT change the color scheme


Do NOT change the font


Do NOT disproportion when resizing


Do NOT delete any part of the logo



Playfair Display 

download Playfair Display

DIN Condensed

download Din Condensed



Download Zoom Backgrounds.



Download the following variations of Olivet's ONU PLUS logo: 

Purple and Gold

White and Gold 





Powerpoint Template

Download an Olivet-themed PowerPoint Template here



Contact the Office of Marketing & Engagement at 815-928-5596 or marketing@olivet.edu.

Marketing Project Request Form

General Brand Rules & Understanding

The Office of Marketing serves as General Brand Manager for the university, and serves to promote and protect the university design standards through careful and strategic usage of colors, logos and insignias. 

Management of all style and brand decisions are made through the Office of Marketing, in accordance with the university administration. All inquiries should be directed to marketing@olivet.edu.

Logo Creation

Whenever possible, the signature university logos should be used. Occasionally a campus organization may desire a specific logo. The process for implementing a supporting logo includes receiving permission for logo development, at the discretion of the Office of Marketing, working with the university administration. Every campus organization will not receive permission to create a secondary logo. All university-related logos must first be either created by, or gain the approval of the Office of Marketing. Each campus organization has an assigned Signature package (for emails, and logo usage) found on the portal. Requests for university logos can be submitted to marketing@olivet.edu.

Athletic Logos & Tiger Mascot

The athletic logos (ONU, ONU Tigers, etc.) are restricted for approved use by Athletics or the Office of Marketing. Approved use of tiger mascot imagery must be approved by Athletics or the Office of Marketing. Creating alternative mascot imagery is strictly prohibited by the university.