From start to finish with Olivet doctoral student Veronica Abney

This student is already applying the valuable learning from Olivet’s Ed.D. program in her work as a church administrator in Chicago.

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As a doctoral student in Olivet Nazarene University’s School of Graduate and Continuing Studies, Veronica Abney especially appreciates the dynamics of the team learning approach that the cohort structure provides.

“Our cohort is cohesive,” Veronica says. “We utilize videoconferencing to collectively share and plan projects from our different locations. Today’s technology is making our educational experience richer in many ways.”

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One of the projects Veronica and her cohort completed earlier in 2017 is the planning, organizing and presenting of Olivet’s Summer Leadership Institute for high school students. Activities and presentations focused on the topics of self-awareness, communication, goal setting and interdependence.

“I saw the value of teamwork in building momentum and confidence as our team worked with the student participants,” Veronica says. “All of us had fun as we experienced interaction and competition. We learned about the power of a team when everyone is working together.”

Veronica continues to be thankful for her choice of Olivet’s Ed.D. program. Following her research of programs currently available, she selected Olivet’s program because of its unique design.

“At Olivet, Ed.D. students do their coursework and dissertation simultaneously,” she says. “Having each professor only one time in the three years of the program gives students a diverse knowledge base. As students, we know that what we are learning applies directly to our dissertation.”

For Veronica, the greatest advantage of Olivet’s Ed.D. program is the follow-through from start to finish. “Olivet’s program makes sure students don’t procrastinate on finishing their dissertations,” she says. “The entire faculty at Olivet is personally supportive and shares in the academic investment of their students’ future careers.”

For more information about Olivet’s graduate degree programs, contact the Office of Admissions at or 800-648-1463.


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