Scholar Week 2022 Showcases Student and Faculty Research

Scholar Week: April 5-9, 2022

April 1, 2022 Academics

Each spring, Olivet Nazarene University hosts Scholar Week. It is a time of celebration of academic success for students and faculty members.

What began as a single day presentation showcase, has now become an annual tradition at Olivet for the past 10 years. This year, Scholar Week will be held April 5-9.

Dr. Lisa McGrady, dean of assessment, teaching and learning, coordinates the programming of this event each year. 

“Scholar Week gives researchers the opportunity to present their hard, meaningful work to a larger audience – to take their scholarship out of the lab, studio, or classroom.” She continued, “There’s such great scholarship happening around campus, and Scholar Week is a celebration of it.”

Through hours of research and mentorship, students are equipped to fulfill and complete their own projects under the direction of faculty members. Dr. McGrady emphasized, “Faculty-mentored scholarship gives students a real taste at what it’s like to be a member of their field. The faculty mentor brings research experience and knowledge of the field, plus significant encouragement and enthusiasm, so that the student researchers have guidance and support throughout their research process.”

Scholar Week also provides an opportunity for faculty members to present their individual projects.

“Most faculty go into higher education for some combination of three reasons: because they love research, because they love their field, or because they love teaching. Scholar Week hits on all three of these,” Dr. McGrady said.

This year 68 presenters will showcase their studies through individual and group presentations covering research updates and discoveries. University President Dr. Gregg Chenoweth will also present.

More information about the featured presentations can be found at

2022 Scholar Week Projects

Dr. Don Daake and Dr. Edward Piatt, After Writing 730 Newspaper Columns Over 13 Years –Important Lessons Learned and Advice to Others

Megan Drenth (Prof. Doug Nielsen, mentor), Effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 on Nonprofits’ Charitable Contributions

Dr. Paul R. Koch, Commanding Heights 20 Years On: What Remains In Light of Recent Events?

Dr. Don Daake, Recent Empirical Evidence on the Perceived Impact of COVID 19 on Faculty and Students From 391 Faculty From 37 CCCU and CIC Institutions June-September 2021

Dr. Gregg Chenoweth, Spiritual Mysteries That Matter When Leading

Dr. Aram Agajanian, Increase Faculty Awareness through Personal Experiences in Active STEM Teaching and Learning at a Christian University

Lauren Kee (Dr. Willa Harper, mentor), Analysis of Botulinum Toxin A and Interacting Proteins in Skeletal Muscle Cells: An Investigation into the Mechanisms Behind Botulinum Toxin A as a Treatment for Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome

Rachel Meyer (Dr. José Manjarrés, mentor), Preprocessing of Astronomical Images From the NEOWISE Survey for Near-Earth Asteroid Detection

Joshua Megchelsen (Dr. Dale Hathaway, mentor), Optimizing Percentile Matching

Dr. Rachel A. Guimond, Persistence in Practice: A Review of Evidence

Dr. Hillary Cole, What Are We Teaching in Spirituality and Social Work Elective Courses? A Qualitative Content Analysis of BSW Syllabi

J’nae Kirby (Dr. Willa Harper, mentor), Computational Studies of Fluvoxamine

Connor Cavanaugh (Dr. Gregory Long, mentor), Sport Specialization and Injury Risk in NAIA Athletes

Adam Lee (Dr. Heather McLaughlin, mentor), Deepfake it Til You Make it: How NOT To Make a Short Film

Levi Berg (Dr. Kyle Robinson, mentor), Patrick Pearse: Nationalist Traditionalist Revolutionary and the Murder Machine

Dr. Brian Stipp, Framing the Concept of Trauma for Teachers

Drew Atkinson, Esme Avila, Stella Berrera, Kyra Blair, Payton Dezur, Kellie Randazzo (Dr. Dawn M. Schwarzkopf, mentor), Kappa Delta Pi Student Teacher Panel

Prof. Tonya Peterson and Dr. Brian Stipp, Special Educator of the Year Award Presentation and Teacher Panel

Grace White (Dr. Cathay Anstrom, mentor), How Demographic and Social Factors Correlate With the Perception of Gluten and Gluten Sensitivity (GS)

Caroline Boehne (Dr. Cathay Anstrom, mentor), The Impact of Food Prices on College Students’ Food Choices

Liberty Henry (Dr. Cathy Anstrom, mentor), The Impact of Sustainability Education on College Students’ Meal Choices

Rebecca Bell (Dr. Cathy Anstrom, mentor), The Influence of Sustainability Efforts on Sustainable Consumption Habits Amongst College Students

Gabrielle McGrath (Dr. Cathy Anstrom, mentor), The Relationship Between Food Pantry Donations and Nutritional Density of Food Selection

Prof. Jon Seals, Prof. Scott Dombrowski, Brianna Munnich, A Ribbon of Quicksilver: Art and Environment on the Kankakee River

Dr. Kristian Veit and Dr. John Adams, Exam Overconfidence and Exam Performance Over Time

Dr. Kristian Veit and Dr. John Adams, Personality and Exam Overconfidence

Dr. Kristian Veit and Dr. John Adams, The Department of Behavioral Sciences: Selected Student Research Projects

Prof. Douglas Nielsen (mentor), Emma Hayes, Harrison Thompson, Patrick Wozek, Graciela Del Real, ONU’s Student Managed Investment Fund: Panel Discussion on the Club

Cory Enfield, ONU’s Student Managed Investment Fund: Panel Discussion on the Club

Cameron Steele, Tracking Simulated Somatosensory Deficiencies that Affect Postural Stability through Detrended Fluctuation Analysis

Rachel Shepard, Kankakee in Deindustrialization: An Oral History Approach

Dr. Elyse Lamszus (mentor), Dr. Andrew Hoag (mentor), Riley Basick, Katherine Bosma, Autumn Bruens, Alaina Durr, Cynthia Morales, Madelynn Norton, Laura Rankin, Benjamin Ridler, Remington Ross, Lia Shomaly, Anna Shoup, Kaitlyn Tibbetts, Becca Witvoet, Emily Yerge, Experiencing History: A Roundtable Discussion of Architecture, Theatre, and Culture of England

Dr. Darl Rassi, Teaching Tough (Math) Topics (T^3): Survey of High School Teachers

Dr. Andrew Hoag, TYGR Release Party

Dr. Stephanie Bailey (Dr. David Van Heemst, mentor), The Impact of Peer and Adult Formative Feedback on Writing Identity in Advanced Placement Composition Courses

Dr. Michael Bleyle (Dr. Toni Pauls, mentor), Participation in STEM Activities and the Test Scores of Elementary ELL Students

Dr. Brittany Armstrong (Dr. Toni Pauls, mentor), Advocating for the Middle Man: An Explication of Chair Perceptions on Overcoming Emotion at Work

Dr. April Westerfield-Jackson (Dr. Toni Pauls, mentor), Quality of Life Disparities for the Rural Economically Disadvantaged

Dr. Jeffrey Horwitz (Dr. Toni Pauls, mentor), A Correlational Study Exploring the Relationship Between the Teaching of Ethics in Business Schools and the Ethical Behavior of College Students in Those Schools

To learn more about the Honors Program and additional research opportunities at Olivet, contact the Office of Admissions at or 800-648-1463.


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