Mechanical Engineering Concentration

Curiosity to Create

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.) degree is an ABET accredited program. Students may choose a concentration in mechanical engineering. This program is designed for the student who wants to design and fabricate the next generation of machines and innovations that drive products we use every day — cars, airplanes, factory equipment, medical devices, power generation systems and much more.

Students transform curiosity of (and fascination with) machines, structures, and kinematic motion into a successful career with the knowledge and training gained from Olivet’s Department of Engineering.

Graduates enter a thriving degree field with applied knowledge related to the design of machines, advanced materials, thermal fluid systems, dynamic systems, vibrations and control systems. Our faculty provides up-close, hands-on support that helps the student identify personal weaknesses, and encourages excellence. Faculty mentors map out the individual major program sequence and ensure that each student have every chance to succeed.

Mechanical engineering students will select the appropriate materials for products they design — everything from vacuum cleaners to space shuttles, and work to ensure their structural integrity and operational stability. Students also model and analyze dynamic systems and gain a keen understanding of machine synthesis and kinetics.

Engineering the Future

Want to change the world through innovation and skill? The Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering (B.S.E.) prepares young men and women for careers in numerous industries. Our skilled faculty and innovative facilities provide the ideal learning environment for academic and personal growth.

Walker School of Engineering