Mathematics is the foundation on which students can build the future. Pursuing a mathematics degree, they develop analytic and quantitative reasoning skills that will help in many other academic disciplines and in all areas of life.

The mathematics field is traditionally very competitive. At Olivet, students receive the education, help and encouragement they need to succeed. Students and faculty work together to design each student’s future.

Preparing students for the rigors of graduate school is a top priority. For those students desiring math-related careers, Olivet prepares them with the necessary skills and knowledge they need. There is a high demand for employees who are confident and well-prepared. Job placement and graduate school acceptance rates exceed 90 percent for Olivet alumni.

Maximizing Learning

At Olivet, learning goes beyond the classroom. Students discover that math lab helps them transition from high school math to freshman-level college math courses. Math Club gives them opportunities for fun and learning with their peers and professors.

Senior Seminar, team taught by two professors, helps prepare students for graduate school. Student projects have included: the Basel Problem, probabilistic polyforms, magic squares; origami; re-lining a University parking lot in the most efficient way; assisting the Department of Art and Digital Media with finding an optimal way to schedule their courses, faculty and classrooms.

Areas of Study

Starting freshman year, students receive instruction and mentoring directly from their professors, instead of just working independently and meeting a list of deadlines. Professors are ready and eager to prepare students for success. And they’re equally eager to pray with students!

By the Numbers
weeks, summer research program for theoretical, lab or field studies
annual campus celebration of Pi Day
tutoring with community middle school and high school students
fastest growing careers require math and science proficiency

Research Opportunities

Olivet’s Pence-Boyce research grants are for undergraduate students and their faculty mentors. Funded by alumni and friends of Olivet, this program honors two former Olivet professors, Elbert Pence (physics) and Fannie Boyce (mathematics). Many alumni have excelled in their careers as a result of participating in this program.

Special Programs

Math Challenges

Taking the Putnam Exam defines challenging, and a select group of Olivet students meets that challenge head on each year. Designed to discriminate at the highest level and to identify the best math students in country, this eight-hour exam challenges even professional mathematicians. Olivet students also compete as a team in the Associated Colleges of Chicago Area (ACCA) annual Calculus Competition.

Scholar Week

Meet the Faculty

Dale Hathaway

Active in research and publications, Dale Hathaway is also a textbook author and speaker. He is a seasoned table leader and question leader for AP calculus. Two of his greatest professional pleasures are supervising summer research experiences and serving as the faculty advisor for the Math Club. He is active in the Mathematical Association of America. His service to and care for students is one of the hallmarks of his career.

Mathematics Faculty

Olivet Mathematics Alumni have been seen:
Mathematics with a Christian Purpose

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