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Photo of Hills Hall

Hills Hall

Resident Director – Zach Tamez

Hills is an upperclassman male residence hall housing over 190 students. It is a traditional residence hall with two-person rooms (11 x 11) with two windows (36 ½”x 64). All rooms are tiled, with the option of laying temporary carpet. Community bathrooms are located in the middle of each floor. TV and/or study rooms are found at various locations throughout the building. A kitchen and dining area are one of the highlights of Hills’ larger common area.

Photo of Howe Hall

Howe Hall

Resident Director – Joey McMullen

Howe, for female upperclassmen, is suite-style living with two, two-person rooms (11’6” x 20’) sharing a bathroom in the middle. Each room is tiled with an option for placing temporary carpet. Howe’s lounge area is centered between the two wings with a kitchen area located in the corner. The kitchen has a refrigerator, oven, microwave and kitchen sink. Beyond this, cooking is not allowed in the residence hall. Laundry facilities are also located near the lobby.

Image of McClain Hall

McClain Hall

Resident Director – Joey McMullen

McClain, an upperclassman female residence hall, has the capacity for approximately 190 students. It is a traditional residence hall with two-person rooms (11×14) with two windows (35”w x 53”l). Floors are tiled with an option to bring carpet for the school year. Located on all four floors are community restrooms, showers, study area, and a small utility area furnished with microwave, kitchen sink and ironing board. There is a dorm chapel located on the second floor and a TV room on third floor. McClain Hall has a formal air-conditioned lobby with TV, kitchen, pop machine and public restrooms. Additional vending machines are located in the first floor north stairwell. Laundry facilities are located in the lower level at the south end of the building.

Two smiling students in the Quad
Smiling female student
Group of friends hosting a pizza party in their apartment

Apartment Living

In addition to residence halls for upperclassmen, we also offer spacious apartment complexes to upperclassmen. Grand, University Place and Stadium Apartments are all located on the perimeter of the campus. Olde Oak and Stratford Apartments are located off campus. These 3- or 4-person living quarters all have their own bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom(s). Laundry facilities are available in each complex.

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