Are you a hiring manager looking for dependable interns? Are you an Olivet student looking for experience at a well-respected company to build your résumé?

Olivet’s online career portal connects talented, hard-working students with organizations needing additional personnel.

Hiring Olivetians

When it comes to employability, Olivet students have an extraordinary reputation. Employers seek them out because they are young men and women of character, with a strong work ethic and a solid educational background.

Olivet students have interned at companies including Cargill, Caterpillar, Microsoft, the NFL, the NBA, Proctor and Gamble, Microsoft, ABC and Comcast. They’ve worked in Hollywood, on Capitol Hill, and everywhere in between. Impressed by their interns, many companies ultimately choose to retain Olivet graduates as full-time employees.

And, with a worldwide network of 32,000 Olivet alumni — and many more friends — the possibilities of student internships and post-graduation jobs are virtually limitless. Handshake helps build these connections.