History and Political Science

The History and Political Science Department pursues the integration of a biblically-based philosophy of History and Politics with the best of current scholarship. Grounding students in the requisite content of our disciplines, we offer conceptual frameworks that are both rigorous and innovative. Students in the Department have the opportunity to engage in coursework covering the span of American History, the roots of United States Politics and Government, the breadth of European History, Culture, and Ideas, as well as courses covering non-Western societies. Throughout our courses and scholarship, the Department of History and Political Science invests faculty and students in an excellence of Academic thought and Christian life.

By the Numbers
department graduates applied & were accepted into Law School
student-to-faculty ratio
opportunities each year to experience Washington, D.C.
network of Olivet alumni
Areas of Study

Starting freshman year, students learn from and dialog with their professors directly, instead of just studying and meeting a list of deadlines on their own. Professors are ready to teach their students what they need to know to succeed in today’s world. And they’re equally eager to pray with students! As students determine their aptitude and what career path they you want to pursue, their professors help them customize their education to best prepare them for the future.

Meet the Faculty

David Van Heemst

As Olivet’s first political scientist hired to teach, David Van Heemst developed the program. Relating with students is one of his passions, and discussions in his classroom are legendary. His achievements as a professor have garnered him multiple awards. He is the author of five books and the father of five daughters.

History and Political Science Faculty

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