Understanding and Interpretation

History is the world's greatest storytelling process. Gathering evidence from all the societies, cultures, and ideas that have ever existed, historians explore the relationships that connect our lives to the narrative of the past. Through these relationships between past and present, historians uncover the meaning that shapes our world and the stories of who we are. If you want to explore meaning, if you want to uncover the vital narratives that condition the present, then your home is in the History program.

At Olivet, History majors have the opportunity to integrate a Christ-centered appreciation of the peoples and stories of the past with cutting edge current scholarship. Our coursework grounds students in European, American, and Global fields of historical study while teaching the research and interpretive skills of the historian's task. Examples of student research include digitally curated museum exhibits, student built digital history websites, and original research papers based on primary source and archival material. Providing the skills that allow students to process a diverse field of human-centered information from all times, peoples, and places, the Bachelor of Arts in History opens the door to 21st century careers or post-graduate study.

Where to Find Us

The History Program is located on the 2nd floor of Weber.

Careers for History Majors:
  • Business & Administration
  • Teaching & Education
  • Library & Information Based Studies
  • Museum Studies & Public History
  • Non-Profit Work & Charities
  • Legal Work & the Law

To learn more about what you can do with a history major, explore this page.

On-Campus Clubs

Phi Alpha Theta is a national honor society that recognizes outstanding academic achievement in the field of history. Students who meet the academic qualifications can participate in Phi Alpha Theta's national events including presenting at conferences and publishing research. Olivet's local chapter sponsors workshops that provide information for history students about careers and graduate school applications. Students also host a campus wide book club once a semester. Phi Alpha Theta is a way for students to participate in the Department of History and Political Science's commitment to academic excellence. 

The History League is a place for anyone, no matter what major, who loves the past. This student-run club meets once a week for discussion, screening videos on historical subjects, or just hanging out to play games with fellow history lovers. The History League also sponsors the campus-wide Historical Beard Competition known as Footnote Your Face and once a year the club takes a trip to a major historical site in Illinois. History League is the place to be for everyone with a passion for the past, and one of the many ways the Department of History and Political Science connects students with the Olivet community. 

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Kyle Robinson joined Olivet’s faculty in 2019. His research specialties include the Enlightenment in Europe, 18th Century England and Early English Methodism. His teaching focus centers on European History, with focuses in cultural history, the history of ideas and the history of Christianity.

History Faculty

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