Fly On Us

Too far to drive to Olivet’s campus? We’ve got you covered.

Because we feel your personal visit to Olivet is so critical, we want you to fly on us!

Olivet will reimburse a prospective student’s airfare up to $500 for one visit to Olivet prior to June 1. The reimbursement will only be valid upon enrollment and will be credited to the student’s account after classes begin.

Program details

A valid receipt is necessary for reimbursement. Acceptable documentation includes and is limited to:

  • The original receipt from the airline or travel agent
  • Copies of actual tickets that include the cost
  • For online tickets only: the receipt printed from an email or Internet browser including the ticket cost

Please note: A credit card statement or copies of receipts are not acceptable for the Fly On Us program.

Other important guidelines

Receipt must be submitted to the Office of Admissions on or before the first day of class of the student’s first year enrolled at Olivet.

  • The reimbursement will go directly to the student’s school account.
  • The reimbursement cannot be transferred to any other individual.
  • The reimbursement is not inclusive of any other family members.
  • This visit is not limited to any specific personal visit date, but must occur before Orientation.
  • The reimbursement does not feature a cash refund and is not applicable toward Tiger Dollars or purchase of college textbooks.
  • Campus visits must be arranged through the Office of Admissions to qualify.