Kyle Lamb MA, LPC

Training Director

Counseling Services

My name is Kyle Lamb. I attended Olivet for my undergraduate years, and graduated with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. I then attended Grace College and Theological Seminary for my Master’s degree in Clinical & Mental Health Counseling. During my Graduate school years, I worked at Olivet as a Resident Director in Grand 200’s, as well as did my graduate clinical hours at ONU’s Counseling and Health Services. I now work as the Training Director here at the Counseling Center, and I do some adjunct work on the side.

I frequent coffee shops with my wife for dates and Sabbath, and have always enjoyed an inviting cup of mocha. I dabble in guitar during my free time, and I will never say “no” at the chance of building with Legos. I also enjoy woodworking, and current am enrolled in a class that teaches STEM within building/creating custom electric guitars (WHOA!).

As a fourth grader visiting this campus, I received a word from God (who I didn’t know at the time) that this campus would be my “home.” Once I came to know God, I realized that this space has been my home from the start, and it will continue to be my wife and I’s home for the foreseeable future. It is my hope that all those that I work with or encounter would come to have a sense of belonging and “Home” here at ONU.

Welcome to the Olivet Family