Computer Science Major

 Global Technology Innovation

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Computer Science is ideal for the student who has a desire to design, develop or maintain computer system software or develop computing solutions.

Olivet Computer Science degree candidates present research and learning during campus professional seminars, participate in interdisciplinary projects such as the recent National Science Foundation grant project, learn about other cultures, discover opportunities to merge ministry and computing, choose study abroad programs and experience technology in other world areas, develop skills for quick learning and adaptability to changes in technology, and so much more.

Students focus on multiple career possibilities; Design and build software, including the areas of web development, interface design, security issues and mobile computing; Develop ways to solve computing problems, which requires graduate work at the Ph.D. level, and work for a research university or in an industrial research and development laboratory; Devise new and better ways to use computers, including innovation in applying computer technology; Plan and manage technology infrastructure in the area of information technology (IT).

Students who pursue the course of study for the Bachelor of Science degree choose from the following concentrations:

Software Development

Prepares students for entry-level positions as software developers/engineers or to earn a graduate degree in Computer Science/Information Systems

Technology and Information (data)

Prepares students for graduate studies and entry-level positions in information management, information technology, system analysis, or security

Computer Science Careers

computer programmer, hardware engineer, software developer, web developer, software engineer, database administrator, network administrator, security analyst

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