Computer Engineering Concentration

Systems of Success

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.) degree is an ABET accredited program. Students may choose a concentration in computer engineering. This program is designed for the student interested in entering the fields of systems and applications programming, hardware and firmware design, network management, and enterprise consulting.

Mobile devices, satellites, x-ray machines and laser surgical tools are all the result of the work of computer engineers. Olivet’s computer engineering graduates can be found in a wide variety of dynamic companies, working on a myriad of technology-based products and services.

Students who elect the computer engineering concentration benefit from the best of both the Engineering and Computer Science departments, providing maximum exposure to the key elements required for the computer engineering field. And as with all Olivet programs, the computer engineering concentration has a focus on Christian ethics.

Through this program, students learn the key technical skills desired by employers in the field, including the internal organization and design of microprocessors, embedded system design, the structure and design of computing systems, and the electrical engineering design tools and knowledge to be successful in the field of computer hardware design.

Olivet students also learn the professional skills you need to succeed on the job, such as: written communication, oral presentation techniques, teamwork, understanding of different cultures, and organizing information.

Engineering the Future

Want to change the world through innovation and skill? The Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering (B.S.E.) prepares young men and women for careers in numerous industries. Our skilled faculty and innovative facilities provide the ideal learning environment for academic and personal growth.

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