Civil Engineering Concentration

Creating Living Systems

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.) degree is an ABET accredited program. Students may choose a concentration in civil engineering. This program is designed for the student who wants to engage in the design and function of every aspect of civic and community life– from roads and tunnels to parks, buildings and waterways.

Civil engineers enhance travel and commerce, ensure safe drinking water and sanitation, and protect communities from earthquakes and floods. These engineers strive to create structures that are as beautiful and environmentally sound as they are functional and cost-effective.

At Olivet, course work, projects and professional development opportunities prepare students for a career in engineering the design, construction and operation of large-scale structures and projects like roads, buildings, bridges, water supply systems and sewage systems. The program includes geotechnical education to ensure an understanding of soil and rock mechanics and their crucial importance to engineering in construction, transportation and related industries.

Engineering the Future

Want to change the world through innovation and skill? The Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering (B.S.E.) prepares young men and women for careers in numerous industries. Our skilled faculty and innovative facilities provide the ideal learning environment for academic and personal growth.

Walker School of Engineering