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The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in business administration is a program designed for the student pursuing a career in management, operations, and leadership. Those studying business administration are equipped to plan, organize, direct and control the daily activities of any organization. At Olivet, business administration majors work with area businesses, examine case studies of real companies facing real challenges, and visit successful corporations to learn from their leaders.

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Quality Assurance

The School of Business at Olivet Nazarene University is preparing students for success in their chosen careers. Employers are underscoring the value of Olivet graduates in the workplace, specifically because of their integrity and skills in communication and problem solving. Alumni continue to report on the excellent jobs they are landing and promotions they are receiving.

Business Administration is Ideal For Those Who Are
  • Passionate Leaders
  • Collaborative Team Players
  • Entrepreneurial Disciplined
  • Strong Communicators
  • Proactive Critical Thinkers


Areas of Concentration

Healthcare Administration

Incorporates the Lean Continuous Process Improvement course taught by leaders in healthcare administration. Students work alongside hospital staff to improve efficiency and quality and can apply for medical center internships.

Human Resource Management

At Olivet coursework for an associate’s degree in human resources covers personnel recruitment and evaluation, employee relations, staff training and development, employment law, business ethics, compensation, and benefits. Students earning a business degree with a concentration in Human Resources will also have the opportunity to attain the Society of Human Resource Management Certification.

Philanthropy and Not-For-Profit

Study the foundations of fundraising, administration, and supervision of human services, small business management and more. Benefit from the strong emphasis on grant writing and a required internship.

Public Administration

Earning a business degree with a concentration in public administration can be a useful academic background for individuals pursuing a career in either government or non-governmental/ nonprofit organizations. Olivet offers student’s the opportunity to attend a Federal Seminar in Washington, D.C., once a year.

Business Administration Careers

Business manager, entrepreneur, business owner, human resource manager, chief operating officer, operations director, office manager, trainer, purchasing, transportation and distribution management, administrative services manager

Business Administration Program Overview


Students have many opportunities to earn the certifications that set them apart from other college graduates. With these certifications, they will find many career doors open to them. Olivet is one of only 10 Illinois schools offering SAP certifications. SAP is the worldwide market leader in enterprise applications software. Other opportunities include: LEAN Certification, professional organization activities and competitions, Riverside Medical Center's senior management presentations, and the healthcare management club.

Degree Requirements

Business Administration is a way of innovatively approaching problems based on a rich understanding of business and culture today. In an economy built on small businesses and freelance work, you’ll cultivate the wisdom, skills, and confidence to succeed in organizations of any scale. Whether you work as an owner, employee, or independent contractor, the careers paths available after graduating with a degree in Business Administration are incredibly diverse and prosperous. Olivet’s Business Administration program meets the diverse needs of students preparing for future careers. 

Built within the Business Administration courses are the opportunities to earn professional certifications. This is the "value-added" reason to attend Olivet's McGraw School of Business.

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Making Business Administration Connections


Enactus is an international organization that connects student, academic and business leaders through entrepreneurial-based projects that empower people to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and their communities.

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Leadership and Ethics Seminar

Leadership and Ethics is a course required for all McGraw School of Business students which focuses on clarifying the distinction between management and leadership, and the integration of the Christian faith into various business topics. Every year there is a seminar that provides students with professional networking opportunities, LinkedIn preparation, and final resumes and cover letter checks. 

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Business Administration Faith at Work

"A Head for Business, A Heart for God, and Hands for Humanity"

The motto for Olivet McGraw School of Business is more than a byline for faculty and students. The culture and atmosphere are alive and excited with learning cutting edge knowledge, with a perspective of God's grace and presence as we seek to help individuals and business organizations to prosper and bring glory to the name of Christ.