Corporate Communications Certificate Post Graduate

As part of the Master of Business Administration or Master of Organizational Leadership, or as a stand-alone post-graduate certification, if you would like to improve your professional communication skills to help organizations tell their story, the Corporate Communications Certificate is designed for you.


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As a student in this program, you will participate in hands-on application of the professional “tools of the trade,” by solving public relations issues commonly encountered in both small and large organizations.

Program Features

  • Developed by individuals with rich experiences working in diverse environments as well as extensive experience in effective communication.
  • A robust online curriculum designed to create community through discussion and interactive assignments.
  • Networking and learning with other leaders who have a passion for developing clear, concise and convincing messaging.
  • Individualized support services and tutoring for the on-line student.

Course Overview

  • Format: Accelerated classes meet online, courses start every 8 weeks
  • Program Length: 24 weeks
  • Credit Hours: 9 credit hours
  • Total Tuition Cost: $415 per credit hour (effective 1/1/2023)
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Adding Credits to Earn An MBA or MOL

The nine credit hours in the Corporate Communications Certificate program also serve as a lead-in for students who decide to earn an MBA or MOL graduate degree. After the three courses of the Certificate, it only takes nine additional courses (27 credits) to complete a Master’s degree.

Corporate Communications Certificate Courses

Students learn the craft, demands, and expectations of written communications to fulfill corporate-communications strategy. Students write a range of communication forms used in print and digital communications including social media, blogs, and e-newsletters.

Learners will have an opportunity to explore the purpose and value of a buyer’s persona. They will develop a persona that includes the following elements: Name, Demographics/Description, Picture, Identifiers/psychographic elements. To support the development process, they will create data collect instruments, perform statistical calculations, interpret statistical results, and craft corporate communication messages tailored to their persona. Students will also engage in group and team discussions, complete assignments, and reflect on the ways in which they can integrate the principles of Faith and Scripture through devotional thoughts each week.

This course is a comprehensive application of corporate-communications strategy, tactics, and programs. Small teams will design, implement, and evaluate a campaign in the context of a challenging 8-week case study. Team projects are presented via a student-created website for evaluation by classmates and faculty.

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