Alumni Award Nomination Form & Award Criteria

Nominate a fellow alumni for the Alumni Award using the below form.

To assess the likelihood of your submission, see the award winner criteria at the bottom of the page.

Award Criteria

In order to implement consistent strategy for selection of potential candidates for the alumni awards, the below policies shall be used to determine recipients:

“O” Award

Purpose: The “O” Award is part of a long-standing tradition at Olivet Nazarene University to recognize one outstanding lay alumnus or alumna and one outstanding ministerial alumnus or alumna.

Criteria: These individuals must represent the ideals of the University and have distinguished themselves in their professional fields. Nominees must be out of college for a minimum of fifteen years.

Each year, prior to the Homecoming Alumni Board meeting, the board will receive a list of three nominees for both the Lay and Ministerial “O” Awards. They will be accompanied with the nominees’ biographical information. The three nominees for each award will represent the wishes of Olivet’s Administrative Team, the President of the Olivet Alumni Association, and the Director of Alumni and University Relations.

The Alumni Board, during the Annual Homecoming Alumni Board meeting, will elect by separate ballots candidates for the Lay “O” Award and candidates for the Ministerial “O” Award. Prior to the election, the floor will be open to additional nominations. A similar amount of biographical information will be required to supplement the nomination. Presentation of the Lay and Ministerial “O” Awards shall be given during the fall Homecoming celebration.

Young Alumni Award

Purpose: To inspire current students, recognize alumni and increase awareness in the general public about ONU; also to increase overall support for Olivet, including increased giving and influence from our younger alumni.

Criteria: Young alumni who have maintained a Christ-honoring perspective in every aspect of their lives while demonstrating leadership and responsibility in their careers, communities and churches; been away from enrollment at Olivet no longer than ten years; graduated from Olivet and completed a minimum of 48 hours of classes.

There will be one (1) male and one (1) female selected each year.

The ONU Young Alumni Award will be presented at an appropriate time during Homecoming weekend. In addition, the recipients will come to campus earlier in the week (or in the spring semester) to share in chapel and classes as a part of a Young Alumni Awareness emphasis.

Nominations will be accepted throughout the year with an acceptable and helpful amount of qualifying background information. A nominating committee, designated by the president of the Alumni Board, will present three male and three female candidates for the board’s consideration. Final voting and selection will take place each year at the annual Homecoming Alumni Board meeting.