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Early Scholars is Olivet’s Dual Enrollment College Credit Program for High Schoolers

ONU Early Scholars is an affordable way for students to gain valuable college credit while still in high school! Juniors and seniors choose from Cybersecurity, Calculus, Psychology, Spanish, Music, Literature, Management, Art, Physics, or from more than 80 Early Scholar Courses.

Offered both on-campus and online, students enroll alongside current undergraduate students, providing an engaging online community and university-level experience.

Olivet Nazarene University works with public, private, and homeschool students to choose those courses most valuable to each student’s experience.

Dual Enrollment Course Eligibility

Juniors and seniors in high school who meet GPA and test score requirements. For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@olivet.edu or call 800-648-1463.

Early Scholars Students

Graham Johnson

Through the program I have been able to meet many new people and be challenged while studying new subject areas that have gripped my interest. The Early Scholars Program is an absolute win for high school juniors and seniors.

Tara Depoister

The Early Scholars program has given me the opportunity to advance myself through more difficult classes across many subjects.  I developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills in my classes, which are valuable to both my career and life in general.  I have also met many incredible students and professors that positively impacted my time as an early scholar student.  The supportive community pushed me to become the best version of myself.

Owen Marcukaitis

I am so glad I participated in the Early Scholars program. The ability to take college level courses while still in high school has been a god-sent blessing! It has provided a fantastic transitional space between high school and college, providing a supportive space to grow one’s autonomy. Through the Early Scholars program, I have made unbreakable friendships and met remarkable people. I urge all high school students considering college to think about participating in the Early Scholars program!

Class List

You have options! In fact, if there is a class you would like to take that isn’t on this list, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Below is a list of fan favorites for the program.

  •      COMP-120: Intro to Programming
  •      COMP-150: Programming I
  •      COMP-130: Intro to Cybersecurity
  •      BSNS-160: Principles of Management
  •      BSNS-302: Personal Finance
  •      FACS-126: Nutrition, Health and Fitness

English and Communications

  •      ENGL-109: College Writing I
  •      ENGL-209/210: College Writing II
  •      COMM 102: Performance Studies
  •      COMM-105: Fundamentals of Communication
  •      LIT-105: Literature Appreciation


  •      MATH-103: Math for Liberal Arts
  •      MATH-117: Finite Math with Business Application
  •      MATH-120: Intro to Statistics
  •      MATH-131: Algebra & Trigonometry
  •      MATH-137: Applied Calculus
  •      MATH-148: Calculus II
  •      MATH-147: Calculus I


  •      BIOL-125: Biology I
  •      BIOL-126: Biology II
  •      CHEM-101: Intro to Chemistry
  •      CHEM-103: Chemistry I
  •      CHEM-104: Chemistry II
  •      Environmental Science & Society
  •      ESS-105: Dynamic Earth
  •      PHYS-121: College Physics I
  •      PHYS-122: College Physics II
  •      PHYS-201: General Physics I
  •      PHYS-202: General Physics II

Social Science

  •      ECON-110: Principles of Economics
  •      HIST-200: Western Civilization
  •      HIST-231: American Civilization I
  •      HIST-232: American Civilization II
  •      PSCI-223: American Government
  •      PSYC-101: Intro to Psychology
  •      PSYC-200: Lifespan Development
  •      SOCY-120: Intro to Sociology
  •      SOCY-280: Ethnic Relations

Social Science

  •      PSCI-101: Intro to Political Science

World Language

  •      FREN-101: Elementary French I
  •      FREN-102: Elementary French II
  •      SPAN-111: Elementary Spanish I
  •      SPAN-112: Elementary Spanish II
  •      SPAN-211: Intermediate Spanish I
  •      SPAN-212: Intermediate Spanish II

Fine Arts

  •      ART-100: Art Appreciation
  •      MULT-100: Music Appreciation

Get in touch!

Holohan Tiffany

Tiffany Holohan

Early Scholar Program Director
tmholohan@olivet.edu | 815.928.5515

Kati Cann

Early Scholars Coordinator
kjcann@olivet.edu | 815.928.5410

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