Preaching Ambassadors

Olivet’s Preaching Ambassador Program connects students preparing for ministry with the churches to which they are called to serve.

Both students and congregations reap immeasurable rewards as they establish these important connections. Students gain valuable ministry experience by preparing and delivering sermons for local churches. Congregations hear the preaching of God’s Word from the next generation of Church leaders, and meet the ONU students who benefit from their prayers and financial support.

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Meet Our Preaching Ambassadors


Amber Adkins

Amber Adkins ’24

Lansing, Michigan
Pastoral Ministry

Elyse Bawks

Elyse Bawks ’27

Perry, Michigan
Pastoral Ministry

Aiden Christensen

Aiden Christensen ’27

Lansing, Michigan
Pastoral Ministry

Kacie Chung

Kacie Chung ’25

Phoenix, Arizona
Youth Ministry

Karrington Cobb

Karrington Cobb ’27

Detroit, Michigan
Pastoral Ministry

Zeke Darnell

Zeke Darnell ’26

Estes Park, Colorado
Youth Ministry

David Denbow

David Denbow ’27

Eureka, Missouri
Pastoral Ministry

Sebastian DeVore

Sebastian DeVore ’25

Bradley, Illinois
Pastoral Ministry

JD Elleson

JD Elleson ’25

Arlington Heights, Illinois
Pastoral Ministry & Political Science

Brayden Fuoss

Brayden Fuoss ’24

Chatsworth, Illinois
Pastoral Ministry

Miriam Griffin

Miriam Griffin ’27

Davison, Michigan
Children’s Ministry

Joseph Haas

Joseph Haas ’27

Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Pastoral Ministry & Political Science

Noah Hartwick

Noah Hartwick ’27

Grand Ledge, Michigan

Miguel Heredia

Miguel Heredia ’26

Joliet, Illinois
Music Education

Drew Jackson

Drew Jackson ’26

Howard, Ohio
Pastoral Ministry

Danae Jenkins

Danae Jenkins ’24

Howard, Ohio
Youth Ministry & Math Education

Caleb Jones

Caleb Jones ’26

Bedford, Indiana
Ministerial Missions

Jessica Merrill

Jenna Merrill ’24

Normal, Illinois
Intercultural Studies & Business

Cole Morris

Cole Morris ’26

Germantown Hills, Illinois
Pastoral Ministry

Mia Mungai

Mia Mungai ’26

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Pastoral Ministry

Konnor Nickell

Konnor Nickell ’26

Corydon, Iowa
Actuarial Science

Evan Ortell

Evan Ortell ’27

Westland, Michigan
Pastoral Ministry

Dharmik Owen

Dharmik Owen ’26

Danville, Illinois
Pastoral Ministry

Leigha Pardee

Leigha Pardee ’26

Eagle, Michigan
Youth Ministry

Natalie Pearson

Natalie Pearson ’27

Canton, Michigan
Youth Ministry

Dylan Plug

Dylan Plug ’26

Schaumburg, Illinois
Pastoral Ministry

Isabella Qualls

Isabella Qualls ’24

Galesburg, Illinois
Nursing & Ministerial Missions

Cody Raynor

Cody Raynor ’27

Lemont, Illinois
Youth Ministry

Douglas Richmond

Douglas Richmond ’25

Demotte, Indiana
Youth Ministry

Colton Ruster

Colton Ruster ’27

Zeeland, Michigan
Christian Education

Alexander Schroff

Alexander Schroff ’27

Germantown Hills, Illinois
Pastoral Ministry

Kaden Smith

Kaden Smith ’27

St. John, Indiana

Logan Stine

Logan Stine ’25

Decatur, Illinois
Pastoral Ministry

Jessica Ann Stream

Jessica Ann Stream ’26

Kent City, Michigan
Youth Ministry

Elizabeth Ward

Elizabeth Ward ’24

Howell, Michigan
Youth Ministry & History

Savannah White

Savannah White ’25

Valparaiso, Indiana
Pastoral Ministry

Zak Wroblewski

Zak Wroblewski ’25

Westfield, Indiana
Pastoral Ministry