Transferring Schools: Community College vs. University Life

For some, transferring schools means changing from a community college to a university experience. While both are defined as college, the differences are substantial. This is what current university transfers had to say about the simple moments that are now some of the best stories and memories they hold onto.

Having a Roommate

Suddenly you’re living with someone who borrows your clothes without asking, plays the Xbox until 3am when you’re trying to sleep, and keeps the window open when it’s snowing outside. Welcome to Residential Life. Learning to share living space is an interesting task, especially for those who have never done if before. But through all the not-so-glamorous moments, there are deep conversations about life in the middle of the night, midnight Taco Bell runs, and countless moments of laughter so hard your stomach hurts the next day. Remember these; cling onto them.

Eating in the Dining Hall

The dining hall brings people together. This is where the memories happen; the games you can play, the concoctions you make, the friendships bonded, and maybe even a romantic relationship started. It’s a proven fact that food brings people together, so enjoy the slightly burnt fries and the mystery meat.


While the lack of sleep isn’t ideal, the tired laughter, the connection with the guy in the booth next to you, and the pancakes at 2am make an all-night study sesh more bearable. The waitress at Denny’s might know your entire life story before your college career is over, but she’s the real MVP for keeping the coffee flowing until 5am. These are the nights to remember.

An Overly Busy Schedule

A part time job, trying to get decent grades, intramurals, clubs, class events…it all seems impossible to do at the same time. Most days you might think about quitting something to make room for something else, or even just to get a decent amount of sleep. But take a step back; these are the things you love, the people you love, at the University you love. A busy schedule helped you meet the people you now call your friends, gave you memories you never thought you would have, and helped you grow as an individual, all at the same time.

Walking to Class

This is such a simple everyday event that so many students take for granted. These are the moments when you can look out over the quad and see groups of friends taking pictures, hear the laughter reflecting off the concrete, see the flowers growing in front of the building, and feel the slight breeze on your skin. Some days it’s a hurried jog in order to make it on time, and other days it’s a light stroll listening to your favorite music. Soak it all in.

While all of these moments surely don’t seem glamorous, they are the memories you’ll leave with; the stories you’ll tell your kids 15 years down the road, the unique experiences that shaped your special four-year experience. After graduation, these are the things that so many students miss. So hold onto the small things, you won’t regret it.

Published 07/10/18