The Quest to Understand God

Theology, at its core, is the study of God and how God relates to our world. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Religion and the minor Theology are for students who want to engage in the academic study of God. The discipline of theology is at the heart of the preparation of future ministers and also for those who want to more deeply understand Christian doctrine and ideas.

Engaging with a core of dynamic, experienced professors, theology students are challenged to critically engage with theological, philosophical, and ethical issues and questions. The B.A. in Theology is practical for those who wish to  double major and provides for further study at the graduate level in ministry or theology. 

Theology is ideal for:
  • Deepening your understanding of Christian doctrine.
  • Learning about the historic development of Christianity and its various traditions.
  • Gaining a solid theological foundation for ministry.
  • Relating Christian thought to other disciplines of knowledge.
  • Engaging Christian thought with the broader culture.
Find Your Career

Theology Careers Include: teaching, writing, and ministry

Meet the Faculty

Kevin Twain Lowery

Dr. Kevin Twain Lowery is a scholar and author specializing in moral philosophy, Enlightenment though (esp. Kant), and the interaction of ethics with science and religion. How two books-The Maturity of Belief: Critically Assessing Religious Faith and Salvaging Wesley's Agenda: A new Paradigm for Wesleyan Virtue Ethics-have been critically acclaimed. He has a reputation for helping students think through difficult questions and critical issues.

Theology Faculty

Departmental Honors

Independent research is an integral part of degree programs, especially for students who plan to enter graduate school. Under the guidance of two faculty mentors, students design a two-semester long research project to present to the faculty. Those who pass will receive departmental honors and 4 hours of Master level credit.

Study Abroad

More than a dozen study abroad programs provide the opportunity for learning in other cultural and academic settings.

Study Abroad

Missions Work

Missions in Action (M.I.A.) sponsors student mission trips to serve people living on the continents of Asia, Africa, South America, as well as in the U.S.

Missions in Action

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Where Are They Now?

Calum Samuelson completed a B.A. in Intercultural Studies and Biblical Literature before going on to pursue a Master of Arts in Christian Thought with the ONU Theology Department. After completion of his studies at Olivet in 2015, Calum was accepted at Cambridge University, where he earned a Master of Philosophy in Medieval History.

"The Theology Department at ONU helped me develop an ecumenical mindset while remaining firmly rooted in the Wesleyan Holiness Tradition. My many and sincere interactions with professors enabled me to process theological issues with both personal conviction and intellectual integrity."

Calum works as an Associate Campus Pastor at Timberlake Church in Renton, WA and as an Associate Staff member at the Jubilee Centre in Cambridge, UK.