Sport Management

Team Dynamics

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree and minor in Sport Management is for students who want to live in the world of sports business. Students can choose Marketing or Administration as their concentration area of study.

In the U.S. today, the sport industry fuels the economy with more than $200 billion annually. Applying management principles to the business of sports continues to be a challenge.

What many fail to consider is the ethical aspect of sport management, as well as marketing and sales. Become a strong influencer for Christ on the playing fields and in the boardrooms and offices across our country.

At Olivet, students will design marketing proposals for local sport businesses, youth sport programs, and athletic teams. To complete their required internship, students work with organizations such as the Chicago Bears, who practice on Olivet’s campus every summer for their Training Camp. Recently, students have completed internships with the professional soccer team Chicago Fire, Disney World, churches that offer sport ministry programs, minor league teams like the Joliet Jackhammers, YMCA, high school and college athletic programs, and recreational organizations that offer a variety of services to the public.

Students take more than 20 hours of courses in business administration to prepare them for working with a professional sport organization. Students will be taught ethical standards and practices of working as a Christian in the industry.

“Olivet has an excellent and very demanding exercise and sports science program. At Olivet, I was doing things my sophomore year that interns from other schools didn’t do until they were juniors. My goal was to work in a professional sports setting. Olivet prepared me to accomplish that goal.”

Micah Gerhart ’12, assistant athletic trainer, NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles