The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Sociology prepares students to understand the classical and historical foundations of sociology, including the major topics and methods that sociologists use.

Olivet Sociology students study the patterns of social behavior, community life, and traditional social institutions, such as marriage, family, and religion while exploring the dynamics of social change. The groups, cultures, organizations, and social institutions that unite and divide people, and the complexities and nuances of social systems, are a focus of discussion and research. Graduates with a degree in sociology are typically prepared to enter graduate school (pursuing advanced degrees in a variety of related social science disciplines) or to seek entry-level employment in a number of social, community, and business settings.

Sociology Careers

sociologist, professor, anthropologist, market analyst, research assistant, demographer, urban planner, human resource manager

Sociology is ideal for those who are:

  • interested in working with people
  • a person who wants to improve our society
  • strong in written and oral communication skills
  • a good listener
  • curious
  • observant
  • patient
  • self-motivated
  • sensitive to others
  • excited about collecting, organizing, and interpreting facts and numbers
  • enjoy writing and presenting reports

Independent Research

Independent research is an integral part of degree programs, especially for students who plan to enter graduate school. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, students design and conduct one or more year-long research projects.

Field Experiences

Field experiences are key to a well-rounded educational experience. Faculty members work with each student to place him/her in an area of personal interest. Students have completed practicums with local social service agencies, such as Shapiro Development Center, Riverside Hospital’s and more.

Preparation for Graduate School

Statistics and advanced statistics courses are required courses for Olivet’s degree programs. Even in the competitive world of graduate school admissions, Olivet graduates have a high acceptance rate.

Behavioral Sciences with a Christian Purpose

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