Public Relations and Strategic Communication

Strategy at Work

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Public Relations and Strategic Communication is for those who want to become experts in the craft of modern-day PR by mastering the strategy of communication plans as well as the expertise to execute those plans for all audiences.

Olivet Public Relations and Strategic Communication students understand public relations as a communication process that emphasizes how to reinforce relationships among organizations and their publics. Students learn to anticipate and interpret public opinion, attitudes and issues that could influence the operations on and future of an organization.

Olivet PR students gain invaluable knowledge in developing and conducting programs important to an organization’s success in terms of public perception and engagement. Programs could include marketing; fundraising; and employee, community and government relations.

Public Relations and Strategic Communications Careers

public relations director, event coordinator, public relations specialist, alumni relations coordinator, communications consultant, development director, employee publications specialist, company or organization spokesperson, media liaison, volunteer coordinator, public information officer, patient advocate, promotional campaign developer, press secretary, intercultural communications specialist, communications specialist, or communications director

Chicago’s Media Market

Tap into the world of communication in Chicago, the third largest media market in the United States. Olivet’s proximity and professional connections offer students many choices for world-class, high-caliber internships. And they have many advantages for finding a job after graduation.

Learning by Serving

All programs include a service learning component. Olivet prepares students for serving God and humanity in whatever career field they choose. Working together with their classmates, students evaluate and plan how they can use their gifts to serve the marginalized people in Kankakee County — the homeless, developmentally disabled, mentally challenged, elderly.

Meet the Faculty

Jay Martinson

Leading the development of Olivet’s communication education since 1993, Dr. Martinson demonstrates servant leadership in everything he does. One of his greatest joys is teaching communication, leadership and graduate courses. He is also the faculty advisor for the Associated Student Council. Because of his outstanding public speaking abilities, he is often on stage at dinners, presentations and celebrations on campus. He has an open-door policy and welcomes opportunities to talk with and advise students.

Communication Faculty


Exciting and challenging opportunities for completing the required internship are readily available. A wide network of alumni communication professionals plus easy access to the Chicago media market provide valuable experience.

Learning by Doing

Students interested in television broadcasting produce their own programs and share them on YouTube through Access ONU. Public relations and strategic communication students manage and run their own agency, Inspired Strategies. Shine.FM provides radio broadcasting students with production and management experience.


Collaborating on exciting projects with clients — Olivet faculty, staff and students, as well as community organizations and leaders — expands students’ classroom studies. In working with their real-world clients, they learn about marketing, budgeting, planning, scheduling and much more.

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Communication with a Christian Purpose

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