Public Policy

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Public Policy is for those who would like to prepare you for a career in government, business or with a nonprofit organization.

Public policy refers to all of the laws, regulations, and other programs that governments develop to address some of today’s most urgent national and global issues, such as:
Crime, Health care, Agriculture, Climate change, Drugs, Environment, Fiscal responsibility, Gun control, Nuclear energy, Immigration, Space exploration, Telecommunications, Trade, and more. 

Our public policy major is an interdisciplinary major, connecting the major themes of politics, history, business and economics. Through reading, discussion, analysis and writing, we help you understand the how the governments and systems of our world work.  Then we go one step further by addressing ways to deal with world problems. Learn that your first instinct may not always be right. Consider the nuances of compromise and the tough decisions to be made. You will be stretched and challenged to consider both the time-tested and the cutting-edge paradigms influencing domestic and international policy.

Students choose a concentration: 

Domestic policy addresses issues related to United States public policy, such as federal programs, the budget, and a range of issues from social to economic. 

Foreign policy (international relations) addresses not only the pressing issues of the day, but also the underlying systems and structures that contribute to life in a globalized world.

Public Policy is Ideal for those Who Have:

  • Enjoys solving problems
  • Studies proposed solutions to public problems
  • Has strong reading, analyzing, writing and public speaking skills
  • Is more interested in solutions than statistics
  • Is politically driven
  • Formulates and expresses your ideas well
  • Isn’t afraid ask questions
  • Is energetic, driven and a quick thinker
  • Cares about the world and making it a better place
  • Manages your time well and stays on track with assignments