Olivet Nazarene University Orientation 2022 on Oahu

Welcome to Olivet

You’re almost here! There are just a few steps left to complete before you’re ready to become an official member of the Olivet Nazarene University family.

In response to the increasing number of students attending Olivet Nazarene University from outside the continental U.S., Olivet will be offering an off-site Orientation on June 25th on Oahu, HI. We understand that it might not be feasible for families to travel to Olivet for a summer orientation just before traveling back to move in, so we're coming to you! We'd love to host you a little closer to home to answer all your questions, introduce you to some people from campus and let you meet some of your new classmates!

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Finding a Roommate

You still have plenty of time to find a roommate, and we are here to help! Fill out the Roommate Questionnaire (coming soon!) and we will match you with a group of other students who share your interests. Join us for virtual meet-ups throughout May to meet potential roomies! Your admissions counselor will contact you with specific details. 

Roommate Questionaire


Housing Sign-Ups

At Orientation, you will have the chance to meet a roommate and explore your dorm room options. Housing sign-ups will take place after Orientation. Your time slot for sign-ups is based on the date of your enrollment deposit.

Commuter students will complete their commuter confirmation forms before attending Orientation.

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Financial Aid

One of the most important parts of the Orientation process is finalizing your financial aid. It may seem like a lot to do between now and the start of spring semester, but we are with you every step of the way!

REMINDER: Your first payment is due August 1!

Visit our “Easy as 1, 2, 3” Financial Aid page for step-by-step instructions and how-to videos for finalizing your financial aid. 

Learn More about Financial Aid


Kimberly Strickland

If anything seems unclear or you would like to ask questions regarding financial aid for incoming freshmen, please reach out to Kimberly Strickland, Director of New Student Financial Aid.

(815) 939-5198

Luke Franklin

If anything seems unclear or you would like ask questions regarding admissions, please reach out to Luke Franklin, Associate Executive Director of Admissions.

(815) 928-5478

Bob Harmon

If anything seems unclear, you would like to ask questions regarding resources for Pacific Rim students or if you would like to chat further, please reach out to Bob Harmon.

(660) 815-4573

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Oahu Orientation: June 25 at 12:15p.m.


For the safety of the campus community, Olivet requires proof of immunization records. New students must register for a new account for medical records through www.medproctor.com using their Olivet credentials. Check out the video for health form video instructions.

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