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Bears Linebacker Sam Acho Shares Testimony of Faith and Grit
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Seth Hurd

March 26, 2024 Campus Life

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Bears Linebacker Sam Acho Shares Testimony of Faith and Grit

“There were times when I felt like giving up, times when the path ahead seemed too daunting.” Former pro linebacker Sam Acho shared as both his voice and presence filled Centennial Chapel. “But I learned that resilience is not just about enduring; it’s about pushing forward with purpose.” The statement clearly resonated with the ONU community, and one that applies as well to faith and education as to football.

Delving into his NFL career with the Chicago Bears, Acho highlighted the importance of teamwork and dedication. “In football, as in life, the strength of the team is each individual member, and the strength of each member is the team,” he emphasized. His words underscored the value of collaboration and mutual support in achieving common goals, a lesson that extends far beyond the football field.

One of the most poignant parts of Acho’s chapel message was his discussion about his faith in Christ. For Acho, faith has been a guiding force, providing strength and perspective throughout his career, which spanned nearly a decade as the Dallas native took the field in Arizona, Chicago, Buffalo, and Tampa Bay. “My faith has been my anchor, in good times and bad,” Acho said. It has given me a sense of purpose and direction that transcends the highs and lows of a professional sports career.”

From the NFL to Building Hospitals Abroad

In addition to his achievements on the field, Acho is known for his extensive charity work, particularly in Nigeria, where his parents hail from. “True success is found in serving others. It’s not just about what you achieve for yourself, but what you do for others that truly defines your legacy,” Acho asserted. His humanitarian work, including building a hospital in Nigeria, is a vital part of his legacy, showcasing a profound commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Acho’s chapel also touched upon the topic of mental health, especially in the high-pressure world of professional sports. “It’s okay to not be okay. Seeking help, talking about our struggles, it’s a sign of strength, not weakness,” he declared, encouraging his audience to take care of their mental health just as they would their physical health.

Acho left the ONU community with a powerful call to action to pursue their dreams with tenacity, face challenges with courage, and to always remember the importance of community and service. “You are the architects of your destiny. Build it with passion, integrity, and a heart for service.”

Click here to watch Sam Acho’s full chapel message.

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Seth Hurd

Seth Hurd (’06, ’08 MOL, ’12 M. Hist) is the founder of Manx Solutions. He lives in St. Louis, MO with his wife Amanda, and daughters Ava and Emery.

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