Rising above the noise in spring 2018 chapel at Olivet

Led by outstanding speakers, students explored the noise of our culture and the peace of God.

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“What good father doesn’t want to hear his children’s laughter in his house?” said Christian comedian Michael Jr. as he kicked off one of the most memorable chapels of the spring 2018 semester. And the noise of laughter rose from the audience as he challenged everyone to be more generous givers and more faithful servants of our God. 

Led by outstanding speakers, including University President John C. Bowling and University Chaplain Mark Holcomb, students explored the theme of noise. They considered distractions, priorities and where faith fits in. In the process, they received a countercultural glimpse of the Christian life. 

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Austin Channing Brown’s powerful message about justice and racial reconciliation encouraged students to examine where justice issues intersect. “I have watched Millenials care for one another,” she said. “Stay connected to one another. The ministry of justice and reconciliation is meant to be done together in community.”

Experienced pastors — Skye Jethani, Lynnlee Moser, Deirdre Brower Latz, Christopher Pollock, Jonathan Foster, Tom Zobrist, Efrem Smith, Terry Bate — shared openly and honestly from their individual viewpoints. They challenged students to counteract the noise with active faith. 

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Alumnus LaMorris Crawford ’06/’12 M.O.L., chaplain for the Cincinnati Bengals NFL team, stressed the importance of thankfulness and praise. “We come to chapel each week, get on our phones and expect God to touch us,” he said to students. “Get into God’s Word and find out who you are in Christ.” 

As Dr. Bowling brought his end-of-the-academic-year message, he gave one of the most important reminders of all: the power of memory to shape our lives and the power of God’s forgiveness to move us forward. “You never have to wonder how God will respond when you ask Him for forgiveness,” he said. “If in faith we ask for God’s forgiveness, love and mercy, then we have the assurance that He will not remember our rebellious ways.” 

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Published: 4/27/2018


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