Olivet Nazarene University Announces Zero Tuition for Qualified Illinois Students

ONU has recently focused a series of initiatives aimed at making higher education more accessible to students and families.

Olivet Nazarene University has recently focused a series of initiatives aimed at making higher education more accessible to students and families.

We are pleased to announce Zero Tuition for Qualified Illinois Students that will provide the financial support necessary to assist ONU students and families from Illinois. Those who qualify will now pay Zero Tuition to attend Olivet Nazarene University.

“Olivet has made college affordability a priority,” university president Dr. Gregg Chenoweth stated, hailing the Zero Tuition initiative as one of “several strategies to target areas of greatest need.” These strategies have already resulted in the average debt for Olivet students decreasing year over year.

“Our efforts to make an Olivet education affordable curates every possible tool into a custom award package for each student,” added Luke Franklin, executive director of traditional enrollment.

The recent increase to the Illinois MAP grant (Monetary Award Program) and increased Pell Grant program, combined with the university’s nimble approach to student financial aid packaging have helped make this initiative a reality.

Qualifying students are full-time undergraduate students who have completed the FAFSA and meet Adjusted Gross Income criteria and plan to live on-campus. Olivet has committed to provide additional aid to cover the remaining tuition costs after all ONU grants and scholarships, and state and federal grant funding have been applied.

Students already enrolled will automatically be considered for the Zero Tuition initiative, and new Illinois students who qualify can expect to see the Zero Tuition option offered in their Financial Aid award packages for Fall of 2023.

Olivet earned the 2023 US News badge for “Best Value” among colleges in the Midwest, as well as recognition as a College of Distinction.

Based on recent data, nearly 37% of all Illinois households will meet the financial criteria for the Zero Tuition initiative.

“The future at Olivet looks bright. We are thrilled to offer an “Education with a Christian Purpose” to some who thought an ONU degree was out of reach,” said Kimberly Strickland, director of new student financial aid.

For full details, and other affordability initiatives, click here.


Published 3/29/23

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The ONU ZERO Tuition is based on your family’s adjusted gross income (AGI) as reported on the FAFSA.

*If your family AGI is below $60,000 and you meet the program requirements below, your out of pocket costs for tuition shall be $0 beginning with your 2023-2024 academic year.