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The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Multimedia Communication is for those who wish to entertain or instruct others through media. Telling stories that aren’t being told through uniquely crafted words and imagery is a completely modern area of study for a completely modern world.

Whether it is communicating to millions through a production, or explaining systems and programs through small presentations, a degree in multimedia communication prepares students for the new corporate global village.

Olivet communication students get into major area of study classes right away, allowing integration of study and hands-on practice, resulting in a dynamic educational experience.

Multimedia Communication Concentrations

Film Studies

The concentration in Film Studies is for the student who desires to creatively communicate inspiring, encouraging, and challenging stories through a career in the film industry. Olivet students gain the skills and resources needed to be a positive influence in the world of entertainment with training, theory and hands-on experience.

Olivet students produce short films, music videos, news programs and other creative projects in our studios. Our fleet of high-end HD equipment, beginning the freshman year is an Olivet advantage. Top-notch editing labs equipped with the industry-leading software packages and software make this program unique.

LA Film Studies Program

Radio and Record Industry

The concentration in Radio and Record Industry is for the student who desires a career in radio or the recording industry. Collectively, Olivet alumni are reaching more than 60 million listeners daily.

Whether as an on-air personality, or in the production or promotions side, an Olivet degree sets broadcasters up for success. Students apply learning by working at Olivet’s own Shine.FM, one of the top contemporary Christian radio networks in the country — a radio network of five stations.

With solid skills in production, writing and editing, as well as critical thinking abilities and valuable experience in an exciting internship, Radio students benefit from the skills and knowledge of professors who are already successful in the professional world.


Television and Video Production

The concentration in Television and Video Production is for the student who desires a career crafting the big-world possibilities behind the small screen. With a career in television or video production, our grads have the power to reach millions.

Olivet students learn the fundamentals of television production — cameras, audio, lighting, studio work, field work and editing and produce short films, music videos, news programs and other creative projects. Access ONU, our campus news video magazine, uses students to produce, report, anchor, direct, edit or assist.

Multimedia Journalism

The concentration in Multimedia Journalism is ideal for the student who wishes to be at the forefront of the world’s news crafting the culture. Olivet journalism students sort through complex ethical issues and confront the contemporary issues of today.

Students participate in a variety of journalism opportunities, including the award-winning campus newspaper, Olivet Gazette.

See the OlivetGazette

Live Event Media Management

The concentration in Live Event Media Management is for those who can expertly blend media behind the scenes to maximize impact. Media management prepares students for dynamic and exciting careers in a wide variety of live event settings. 

Working behind the scenes as a sound engineer, lighting designer, technical director or live camera operator, an Olivet communication degree lets students use their talents to create live events that will impact the kingdom for Christ.

Contemporary Music Center

Ministry Media

The concentration in Ministry Media is for those who aspire to work in media production at a church, on the mission field or for a not-for-profit. By taking courses in both the Department of Communication and School of Theology and Christian Ministry, students are fully prepared to serve the Lord in powerful, unique and creative ways.

LA Film Studies Center

Students have the opportunity to study in Los Angeles as part of the LA Film Studies Program with BestSemester. Olivet alumni have gone on to work in major Hollywood productions and television.

LA Film Studies Program


Whether seeking out your own dream internship, or working alongside Olivet mentors to create the ideal spot for you, quality, career-shaping internships abound at Olivet.

Internship Opportunities

Chicago’s Media Market

Tap into the world of communication in Chicago, the third largest media market in the United States. Olivet’s proximity and professional connections offer students many choices for world-class, high-caliber internships. And they have many advantages for finding a job after graduation.

Learning by Serving

All programs include a service learning component. Olivet prepares students for serving God and humanity in whatever career field they choose. Working together with their classmates, students evaluate and plan how they can use their gifts to serve the marginalized people in Kankakee County — the homeless, developmentally disabled, mentally challenged, elderly.

Meet the Faculty

Heather McLaughlin

Dr. (Attig) McLaughlin teaches various hands-on courses in film and video production, including non-linear editing, basic video production, documentary, field production and script writing. She is certified in Final Cut Pro 7 and Color, well-versed in Adobe products and CMS, and proficient in the operation of HD video and still cameras. Her career achievements provide one more illustration of her love for technology and her versatility. 

Communication Faculty


Exciting and challenging opportunities for completing the required internship are readily available. A wide network of alumni communication professionals plus easy access to the Chicago media market provide valuable experience.

Learning by Doing

Students interested in television broadcasting produce their own programs and share them through on YouTube through Access ONU. Public relations and strategic communication students manage and run their own agency, Inspired Strategies. Shine.FM provides radio broadcasting students with production and management experience.


Collaborating on exciting projects with clients — Olivet faculty, staff and students, as well as community organizations and leaders — expands students’ classroom studies. In working with their real-world clients, they learn about marketing, budgeting, planning, scheduling and much more.

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