Mathematics Major

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or bachelor of Science (B.S.) in mathematics is designed for the student who wants to learn math theory and applied mathematics. What students learn as a mathematics major —mathematical theory; algorithms; how to use computers to solve problems — opens the door to a career in almost any field. Economics, science, engineering, education, to name a few. There are two basic types of mathematics, Theoretical Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and students study both at Olivet. 

The B.A. degree program has a liberal arts slant and is specifically designed for students who want to complete a double major. 

The B.S. degree program is designed for students who want to major in mathematics, but don’t want to teach at the high school level. Our strong foundation of pure mathematics, combined with the variety of applied mathematics, prepares students to pursue an advanced degree. Graduate teaching fellowships are readily available at major universities for superior math students. It is also ideal for students who want to work in a mathematics profession, such as research and development for a company.

Meet the Faculty

Dale Hathaway

Active in research and publications, Dale Hathaway is also a textbook author and speaker. He is a seasoned table leader and question leader for AP calculus. Two of his greatest professional pleasures are supervising summer research experiences and serving as the faculty advisor for the Math Club. He is active in the Mathematical Association of America. His service to and care for students is one of the hallmarks of his career.

Mathematics Faculty

Mathematics with a Christian Purpose

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