Master of Ministry in Spanish

Are you currently serving the Lord in a Hispanic community and sense that you need to be better equipped? Have you already had ministerial training but are seeking preparation and development that addresses the new challenges of a multicultural context? Then this Master of Ministry at Olivet is for you. This program, taught completely in Spanish, is designed around four key areas for graduate ministerial formation: biblical knowledge, theological knowledge, analysis and design of ministerial practices, and personal spiritual development and formation. As you will come to appreciate, our program reveals an integral focus in ministry.


El Programa de Maestría en Ministerio en línea está diseñado para proveer a los ministros en servicio los recursos necesarios para desempeñar un liderazgo eficaz en congregaciones con perspectiva misional, equipando y desarrollando competencias teológicas y prácticas en el marco de un enfoque misional del ejercicio del ministerio. El programa busca la integración de los mejores recursos disponibles en lo que concierne a erudición, especialistas y modelos contemporáneos de ministerio con la práctica del mismo. 

Program Features

Taught completely in Spanish, this program is designed around four key components of ministry: biblical knowledge, theological knowledge, analysis and design of ministry practices in Hispanic contexts, and personal spiritual formation. The program embodies an integrative approach to ministry.

Curriculum Overview

  • Format: Classes meet online, with a few week-long intensive modules every summer that meet on Olivet’s campus in Bourbonnais, IL
  • Program Length: 2 years
  • Credit Hours: 30
  • Total Tuition Cost: $100 per credit hour

Tuition Options

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