Multiethnic Student Services (MSS)

Honoring Diversity, Celebrating Unity

MSS is housed in the Elwood Center for Student Success and is one of the many ways the University affirms and fosters ethnic and cultural diversity. Multicultural programming is designed and implemented to increase cultural awareness, promote diversity and inclusion and provide cultural and social growth for the University community at large. In addition, MSS supports the needs of underrepresented diverse populations and seeks to promote inclusive spaces assisting in retention and persistence to graduation. All students who are interested in ethnic diversity mindfulness are welcome to MSS and its events and programs.

Affinity Meetings

The MSS space within the Elwood Center is used for affinity meetings to plan and prepare for campus wide events, to study for classes, exams, and work on group projects. Affinity meetings are held to address the unique issues that MSS groups face. It is a safe place to listen, talk and share, as well as receive support and encouragement for students who may experience racial and emotional duress.

MSS Affinity Associations:
Asian Student Christian Association (ASCA)
Black Student Christian Association (BSCA)
Hispanic Student Christian Association (HSCA)


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All students who are interested in ethnic diversity mindfulness are welcome to attend MSS events. Our programming is designed with everyone in mind. Heritage events, panels and discussions are open places that welcome all students to gather, become involved, listen, understand, and gain insight, in order to become agents of change.

Dr. Cynthia Taylor

To love God, we must love humanity. To love humanity, we must address the conditions in which we live and operate.

Racial Misconduct Report Form

If you or anyone you know experiences racial misconduct, report the incident using this form. There are on- and off-campus resources designed to help you, and you may take a friend/advocate with you to use any of these resources. If you wish to speak to someone in person or have questions about this form before completing, please email Dr. Cynthia Taylor.

Racial Misconduct Form

Renouncing Racism & Injustice

Click the link below to read a letter from Olivet’s past president.

Read the Letter

These widely recognized books, authors and movies may not come from or reflect our Christian point of view. However, these resources give us another lens and perspective that will hopefully help us with racial conversations and how we can build bridges or racial reconciliation to be agents of change.